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  1. OMG! You are all so supportive! Thank you so much. So, boldened by your comments and excellent references, I did a tiny trim on the brow and added the brow trim. I'm a lot happier with the geometry, if you think I've got it, I'll go ahead and commit. I still need to clean up the eyes and the teeth (and cut the fourth), but I think I'm reasonably happy. Comments always welcome!
  2. Hi All. I got my kit a couple of weeks ago and I'm starting with the bucket. I've done some cuts as best I can work out, but the geometry of the join looks all off. I'm thinking I need to trim the brow higher - at the moment it's pretty close to flush with the ridge around the back. Does the brow sit in line with this, does it start higher or does it travel along a different line?
  3. I haven't commenced my build diary as yet - though I am planning on starting one once my calendar settles down (damn COVID!). I was only looking at basic approval at this stage. Just want to be able to go out and help raise money for charities (and have fun whilst doing it!). Cheers, Les.
  4. Hi Lou. I am commencing my WTF build with the Bucket. Can I ask you to please let me know a couple of measurements? How tall are your traps from the cut line on your brow? What's the distance between the rear horizontal ridge - over the crown - to the centre of your brow cut? Is your brow cut horizontal or does it curve upwards at the middle? I'm bashing my head against the wall trying to reconcile all the differing info out there! Cheers, Les.
  5. What a great build! One question, could you do a measurement from the back ridge on the bucket to where you've cut the brow? I think I've got mine too low
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