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  1. I think I have an separate piece from a old set of armor I purchased if you still need one let me know
  2. I’ll be trying this tonight. I was able to get some off with blade but it been rough. This stuff is like concrete.
  3. Thanks I’ll try the alcohol method. I just read some were that putting the parts in freezer may help also by making the glue brittle. Anyone try the freezer method?
  4. Hi guys I picked a WTF armor kit in great shape never worn only issue is a few spots wet out together using super glue and are to big for me as is. The armor was never finished but the parts that were started have this super glue. Is there a way to remove this? On a side note does anyone know if Walts trooper factory has cover strip material for sale? I want to replace just about every piece that was used or cut as it’s not as clean as I would like. Thanks
  5. I’m moving this from General because I realized that’s the wrong spot to put it. Anyhow I purchased a FX kit not knowing it was the no no of kits but I am determined to make it work minus the helmet of course that’s crap. Any how first step adding some returns https://i.imgur.com/XGTsVgO.jpg
  6. Added this return to butt plate. Should help the length issue.
  7. I think I may have taken care of that part by giving it a return. I’ll post a pic
  8. Few pieces I have started reruns on. Shoulder Bells and kidney plate. Will have to sand and polish but not to bad so far
  9. Trying to host pictures bare with me. Shoulder bells return.
  10. Only thing I’m not understanding is “cut the cod off the back? Can you explain it to my small brain self. Lol
  11. Decided to try my hand at making returns. Scary words for a noob I know but I’m persistent. After taking to David Conklin over at Dave’s darkside depot. I decided it could be done. David has been a wealth of information thus far and extremely generous with his help. Any how what I did to create the returns is after talking to David and reading a few other tk builders post was make a jig and use a heat gun. I tried the iron method and could not get that to work at all. Here’s the results this farthus far
  12. So I bought my first armor and unfortunately it was an fx armor which after buying I found out is not seen in such a nice light. I guess I did not do enough research. After debating back and forth I decided being the persistent person I am I was going to go town and try my best to make this armor worthy. It’s my first time and already purchased the armor and have nothing to loose. I know the helmet will have to be replaced working on that now. Will most likely be purchasing a helmet soon. Anyhow I’ll keep post updated on my progress.
  13. Thanks I’ll take a look and see what I can find
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