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  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I've been busy with school lately, but have been using my study breaks to nose around the site. Looking at all the great info here, it's gonna take a long time to catch up!
  2. GO CARDS?! Do they not screen potential members here??? LOL
  3. Hey all, So I've been a middle-of-the-road Star Wars fan my whole life. Nothing too crazy, but it was always there. Started when I saw ROTJ in a movie theater. I stumbled upon the 501st last week, and being the artsy-crafty guy I am, I've decided to jump in and see if I can make this thing fly. Always wanted to get into creature/character design and played with the idea of prototyping cosplay helmets and weapons. I think that during or after my first build, I'm going to try to merge the process with my interest in sculpting and produce my own armor. Sounds pretty ambitious, huh? It's okay, I'm a glutton for punishment! Anyway, to the administrators who approved my membership to the forum, THANK YOU! To the members with whom I have already interacted, you've all been extremely nice and helpful! Very supportive and civil group!!!
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