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  1. How many teeth are cut out in the frown? I can't tell if it is 10 cut out, or if the paint has a gap and extends down the aide of the frown. Strapping the arms wont take you too long Edit* It's your paint. Had to check on the pc.
  2. To answer your new questions. For the belt About 1/4" up. So the plastic portion of the belt is hitting just below your bottom button. Hovi tips. Just a lil white paint on the outer edge. For the frown mesh i used window screen, doubled up. Easy pass for basic approval. Good job
  3. I sat the screen on the tip, pushed it in with a high lighter cap. Used a small pic to pull it out, flipped it upside down, and gently used the pic to put it back into the hovi tip
  4. I just put a set into a TD helmet. Walts kits are good to go, we have a few members myself included that have achieved centurian with what walt included in his kit.
  5. Woth your height and weight. WTF would probably be a good fit. I am 5'10" 165 pounds, and my armor fits well
  6. Walts trooper factory also makes a kit. You may want to check out the vetted makers section of our forums and see if specops has something similar.
  7. I purchased my rivets from a member ane grabbed some from from ace/tru vale hardware store. Alay has you in the right track
  8. I'm building a kit for someone now, no shame. Good luck and have fun trooping
  9. For basic approval that looks good. My shoulder elastic holding the ribbed straps down, is farther back on the backplate.
  10. Depending on the glue used, you could remove the back coverstrip, resize, then reglue. I originally had my shins glued wrong. If they seem to long or mobility is an issue trimming them a little shorter may help as well. I have long arms and legs, so I have to minimize the gap
  11. For basic approval you shoukd be good to go. I have inductrial velcro glued to the front of my boot with a corresponding piece on the inside of each shin to keep them from moving on me. The thighs you could always pad if the feel to big. I have room for about one finger in my thighs. I also got rid of the belt and strapped them directly to my the edge of my cod area.
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