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  1. OK, that certainly helps regarding the ID number. Makes way more sense than my thinking each costume got it's own number. I didnt realize I applied to 501st directly to get my number. I thought I had to go through FISD and or MEPD to do that, and those ask for your ID hence my confusion. I see now that those application areas are for expanded access into the forums for trooping, and attaining higher levels of approval. The amount of info and resource here is pretty overwhelming sometimes. Especially when you have that pesky Star Wars distraction thing going. I log in to find a reference, then an hour later I've got 3 tutorial windows open, another few build threads, some vendor sites, and recent SWAT applications...and I've totally forgotten why I logged in to begin with.
  2. I have searched quite a bit, but am still somewhat confused regarding new membership to the 501st with a Sandtrooper. So, am I correct that regardless of Stormtrooper type, this is the process? - Submission starts with my local GML to gain approval into the 501st - If approved, I get assigned a TK # (or is it different with a TD?) - Then I can apply here, then to MEPD...or directly to MEPD? I already have a build thread going at MEPD and my local Garrison forums in the public areas. Sorry, I'm sure this is a silly question. I've spent so much time between the 3 forums, things start to get blurry... Thanks, Brad
  3. Thanks guys for the warm welcome! I have registered with the MG501, so hopefully I can get some contacts made soon. As for an armor source in Colorado...that is interesting news. I have obviously been researching the options, and with that I think I know where I am leaning but nothing for certain. I have a pretty decent background with textiles, sewing, and manufacture, so I hope to apply all that. My thought was to start with things like a neck seal, gloves, boots, holster, and maybe electronics. That way I am progressing with something to calm the fire. Never worked with the armor materials so it would be nice to have the peripherals out of the way. Currently I am working on my first weapons builds. A Blade Runner blaster, and DL-44 Greedo Killer variant. Seems I will need to get up to speed on the E-11 soon! Thanks again, Brad
  4. Hello FISD! I am sticking my toe into a very deep pool here. Been lurking around the boards for well over a year, but am taking some first tentative steps. At 7 years old, I sat in the theater opening day for Star Wars...my life changed forever. Sound familiar? Obviously, or this place would not exist. So just like any other male sitting in that and every other theater since, I have dreamed of suiting up in a particular set of white armor. I have met a few members of the local 501 briefly over the years, but hope to get permanently involved. Being an artist, the idea of fitting, assembling, and detailing armor hits a whole bunch of chords. I hope to continue learning here, participate, and hopefully contribute. It's all a bit overwhelming and the amount of info here is seemingly bottomless, so my homework is laid out. Thanks for the sanctuary. Brad
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