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  1. I know this is like a month late but I wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. It was super helpful and I'm now a member of the 501st
  2. Hey, everyone. Thank you all for your feedback. It was all really helpful. Here are the new pics. I hope they're better than the last ones.
  3. I'm sorry if the photo is a bit small. And I'd like to upload some more but the total upload size is pretty small.
  4. Hi, I'm starting this topic because I want to know if my ESB suit is ready for approval. I know the holster is attached incorrectly but aside from that, are there any other issues with my ESB suit?
  5. So I've made some more adjustments to the armor and resubmitted the photos but the regional liaison said there were some fitting issues and that my holster needs to be attached to my belt. If I could get some more advice, I'd really appreciate it. Here are some of the photos.
  6. So I trimmed a little bit of the thigh and bicep areas. I didn't want to risk going overboard. Is this good enough or do I still need to trim more?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to join the 501st with the ESB build and I have the armor set and everything but I was told that I need to start trimming most the armor. The liaison officer also said that there should be gaps between the armor pieces. This is my first time doing anything like this so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone could tell me what tool to use to trim the armor, that'd be great. Here is a photo so you know what it looks like currently. If you guys need more photos, please let me know.
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