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  1. Somehow I am only reading about this just now. You are a true champion Joseph. Your service to FISD in any capacity - we’ll take it. Sincere best wishes. Brett
  2. Great build Jen! I have seen this armor in person, Centurion is in your near future I would expect! Good luck Brett
  3. Brett Dellit 92577 Letter Joseph Thank you for this service!!!! My pleasure! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/92577-eib.png
  4. Thanks Joseph and Tony!!!! EIB baby!!!!! The feedback is also very much appreciated and I will get on those adjustments asap, I thirst for Centurion. Special shout out to Randy (Magni) for being a source beyond the source, least of which was answering my pedantic questions at hours not normally reserved for talking about plastic space men. See you on the front lines, Gentlemen!!!! Regards, TK-92577 EIB 847 *kshhht*
  5. Thanks Tino! You may recall you played a big role in helping with my blaster - sold me a completion kit, helped me with some important questions along the way, and the greatest manual ever created - the E-11 B;aster Reference! Thanks again I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Regarding the internal strapping, I took a lead from one of the Ukswrath builds for the permanent split rivet side. I just added the long tabs and slots to help keep the shape and marry the sides up, seems to work great. For the single snap side I also took a lead from others (Pandatrooper et al) but instead of installing one big slot I decided to do 2 tabs and 2 slots., then added some snaps and webbing for security, As with most of us on here I owe everything to those that came before me! Brett
  6. Thank you for your consideration!! General Information: Name: Brett Dellit 501st ID: TK-92577 FISD Forum Name: Edgar Frogg Garrison: New England Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 175 lbs Armor Information: Armor Build: ANH Stunt Armor Maker: ATA Helmet Maker: ATA Blaster: Doopy Doos + T-Jay completion kit + Bulldog Props Scope Boots: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: Imperial Issue.com Hand Plates: Just Joseph (silicon) Neck Seal: Darman's Props Holster: Darman's Props Rivets: Just Joseph TD Clips: Ukswrath Helmet Fans: Ukswrath Helmet electronics/ amp: TRamp Front Back Left 1 Left 2 Right 1 Right 2 Right Side Detail Left Side Detail Abdomen Action Shot Cod and Butt Plate/ Interior Strapping Helmet Hovi Lens Color Blaster Neck Seal TD Holster and Belt Attachments Wrists
  7. TK-92577 Reporting for duty. Open the EIB blast doors. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28670
  8. Having some trouble adding pics to my original post so I have just created a new post. Bucket and Blaster done - Armor only just begun!
  9. Wow. With a post like Sha Sha’s I do not want the prize but in the spirit of the FISD I would still like to post my 50 words, if anything just to formally give some thanks to all those out there who help others so generously around the FISD community: This is the most positive community I know. I receive nothing but selfless help from members worldwide including USA, Japan, Europe, even a soldier who PM’d me between duty. My goal is to honor those who help others, by making centurion armor they can be proud to have helped build.
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