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  1. I was just thinking. While I know that the cheap helmets are not even to be thought of for trying for 501st membership, I wonder are they of a similar or identical size of the proper ones so I could also try that route to see if they are big enough.
  2. thanks Grimmers. I'll have a look. It will be frustrating if I finally find something I want to get into but can't because of my head size
  3. I hope so Dday. My preference is a biker scout but at this point, I'd take anything. I just need to "try before I buy". The armor doesn't sound like a problem but the helmet is the sticking point
  4. I have the head of someone probably 7 feet tall but I am 6 feet tall. My head/hat size is 26 inches or around 67cm. I'm hoping to be able to try one on at some point and I may find that helmets fit me fine but based on current information, they wont
  5. So now I've struck out with AP, RT-Mod, Kropserkel and Studio Creations. They have all said they don't make helmets big enough
  6. rt-mod has replied to me to say that he is backlogged for ages with orders but with regards to helmet size, it seems even his aren't going to fit me so I need to either somehow work out how to build my own or find someone who can modify an existing one. That is, if I cant find a way to try one on
  7. thanks Yoda728. I'm still waiting to hear back from RT-Mod
  8. thanks Dday. I have sent an email to RT-Mod and will wait for a reply to see what they have to say. The helmet is my primary concern with this. I don't want to pay all the money to find out the helmet doesn't fit
  9. Forgive me if this has been asked before. I've tried to do a forum search to see if that has happened and didn't come across anything so here goes I've seen how there are various posts about armour fitting various body sizes, heights, genders and ages but I thought I'd check before making too much of an investment in a stormtrooper suit but seeing as I have a very large head and "one size does not fit all" when it comes to me. Are the helmets kind of a standard size or can they accommodate someone with a larger head? I did ask this on someone else's post and so I realise it may get edited or deleted or modified
  10. what about if you've been "blessed" with a very large head and one size does not fit all when it comes to hats, am I going to be limited in my choices with purchasing a helmet? Do places all make helmets of the same size?
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