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  1. If you're purchasing the armour second hand, it should also be noted that you will require modifications to make it approvable to your body. It's not automatically approved once you buy it, you still need to apply yourself. The eFX helmet just doesn't look right, I would honestly get an entirely new helmet. Even with mods it's "meh" at best.
  2. Hey Andy! Honestly shoot for Centurion right out the flood gates. Best to do it right away and be ready instead of having to do mods later on, and when your kit is done, ambition to change things drops significantly unless it's for comfort. There isn't much of a difference anyways, and requires very little extra work. Especially if you plan ahead for it! Cheers! -Justin
  3. Canvas belt (I recommend Trooperbay) its all I can think of right now. I'm sure I'll spout more later.
  4. Welcome Andy! Justin here saying Hi! So you know my username. Lots of people will be able to help in here as well. People with a lot more knowledge and experience too!
  5. This is good to know! I'll certainly look into a set! Thanks Joe.
  6. ABS paste is your best bet for getting the colour just right and it's the best way to fill a hole. Just use some scrap pieces of plastic to make it. There are a ton of threads on the process in here! As far as I know there is no good way to remove a snap without drilling it. It's just going to make a heck of a mess to the plastic surrounding it. You should be able to just drill the fold on the inside centre of the snap and it will just fall apart; I've had to do it a couple times too. Also, are you test fitting all your pieces with your undersuit on? It will make a big difference in the long run and ensure an accurate fit. One more thing; your belt. I recommend and upgrade to it first of all. The one ANOVOS sent is terribly flimsy and as a result it doesn't look great. Another reason to upgrade it is the holster needs two fasteners holding it to the belt for ANH not four. Here's a very quick reference from my kit.
  7. Hey guys! I've searched high and low trying to find some type of thread that might offer some tips on whitening the rubber hand guards. I don't remember the material exactly, I think they're white silicone. I got in on a group order and I don't remember the maker. I know she was renowned for her hand guards here at the time! Anyways, I've noticed that over time they've yellowed a little bit though. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with some whitening techniques? I was thinking, worst case scenario, I could just paint them with latex paint, but I'd rather not. Thanks in advance! Also included a picture below to show how bad they've gotten.
  8. Hey guys, Posting this mainly for my own information - I have a fellow trooper building an AP kit at the moment. He doesn't have the AP helmet, instead he has an eFX Hero helmet that he's had for some time. Now I've looked all over and can't seem to find an up to date thread that covers whether or not the eFX helmet is approvable or not. I know he FX helmet isn't but I though I saw that even the eFX helmets needed quite a few mods to be approvable. I just want to find out so I can accurately pass the info along. Thanks so much on advanced!
  9. Mine just arrived over in NB, Canada! It looks amazing thanks Joe!
  10. Most of it yeah, but once you see where the shape is being changed you'll have a better idea of where to dunk it.
  11. I had a PM asking me the details I'll just copy what I said in there might as well have the process in here too for others. I'll also include this picture which shows the snap placement on the shoulder straps. Hope this helps If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Justin
  12. Some pictures from the East Coast Comic Expo in Moncton, NB. With my newly fixed shoulders. I'm SOOOOO happy with my kit now. Very proud of the work I've put into it. Didn't expect to get it done to this level.
  13. Done! Fixed the other side and I'm very very very very happy with it. And overall I'm now 100% satisfied with how my kit turned out. Because the shoulder gaps were all that I didn't like. For reference. This was one of my submission photos. Which kind of doesn't count because I was standing still after they had been moved into place lol. The picture way up in the initial post shows the grossness of them better. I have a troop this weekend and will have some more pics of full kit to throw up soon
  14. I second Allan. Also used a lighter, just have to be careful and go slow with it.
  15. Ahhh. I should have just faces my fears and heated them earlier. So I set aside my "poor baby doesn't wanna ruin his armour" attitude and heated the bells. They fit MUCHHHH better. They weren't quite tucked in enough though because of the thin elastic straps on my shoulders. So I took a piece of elastic and folded it over 4 times to make a thick elastic shoulder strap (using all I had left) and fixed one shoulder. It made for a good comparison shot anyways. Left Side - New heated shoulders (already in about half an inch than before) Right Side - Heated bell and reinforced shoulder strap (so it doesn't tug it out from under the plastic shoulder strap) I'm in love with the result and think it's Centurion approvable. Whew.
  16. Great to see your build coming along Dave!!
  17. Yeah I'll shoot him a message soon and see what he would quote for a set of bells. And when I could get them. Yeah I was thinking AM 2 as well. Kind of hoping to find someone with a set they'd part with. But I'll probably message them anyways and see if he could pull a set on his next run and what he'd charge.
  18. Hey guys, So I completed an AP kit a few months ago. I love my kit, but I'm not happy with how one thing turned out and that's my gaps at the shoulder. I think the AP chest and shoulders are made a bit smaller than others which didn't end up being a bad combo for me. I've tried, but there's not much I've been able to do short of heating them (not a fan of doing that) to get those gaps down. I guess my next step at this point is looking at armour makers and try to find one that the shoulders are about 25% bigger yet still accurate enough to mesh well with my current AP kit. The thing is, there isn't very many comparison pictures to AP. Does anyone have any experience with this issue in particular or know which maker I should be looking at for a set of shoulders? Does anyone actually have a spare set of bells from a larger maker they'd sell? Thanks guys! Justin
  19. Lol they're all Rubies sets. I wouldn't take them even if they were free. Okay, maybe I would take them for free...to donate them LOL.
  20. You should also be doing your fitting with your undersuit on! You'll get a much better idea of the fit and feel.
  21. Love goofing off on troops! But I like staying in character while I do it. Most of the time I'm just pretending I'm stationed on a new planet in a galaxy we've never been before. So everything is weird and unknown. I seem to get a lot of kicks out of that.
  22. I read a very good article on this once. And to be honest it's by far the best way to watch it in my opinion. It's designed to make the MOST sense, while keeping the timeline in tact. IV -> V -> II -> III -> VI -> VII Skip the first one, it's quite irrelevant in retrospect. (If you advise someone to watch the first one it obviously comes before Ep II and after Ep. V) But this order still carries all the surprises, still shows you how Vader, well, became Vader and ties everything up very well. That's how I watch them when I do and how I tell people to watch them. People say you can skip the prequels and of course you can because they aren't THAT good. But honestly I feel the Anakin story is very relevant to everything. If you skip the prequels AT LEAST watch Clone Wars or better yet watch Clone Wars between II and III but it's not necessary. With Clone Wars being as good as it is and canon, it's silly to skip the prequels entirely though with the exception of Ep. I There's my two cents.
  23. Welcome aboard trooper! Trooping has certainly been some of the most fun I've had so far!
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