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  1. Yeah, I can probably do that. I needed to figure out how to hide the strap better anyway, crossing in the front would take care of that.
  2. I'm not connecting the shoulders to that white elastic. It would never be strong enough to hold the shoulders tight. I have to directly connect shoulder to shoulder with a strap. I can change where that strap hits the shoulders, but I can't connect only from each shoulder to the chest plate. my shoulders are far too wide to use a conventional shoulder strapping method.
  3. Alright, so, after a busy few days, my final weight loss numbers (pre Rogue One) were 13 lbs and 4.5 inches lost on the waist. A couple of notes: The backs of the shins do line up properly if attached properly, this was sort of a rush suit up to see how everything fit. The shoulder bells will not come in any more at the bottom. I can move the armpit strap up, down, tighten it, etc, and there's simply nowhere for the shoulder bells to come in. I have BROAD shoulders, and needed to extend the bicep armor as well. I did remove all of the return edge on the shoulder bells. The belt must have come unsnapped during the pictures, as it fit in the correct place (just touching the bottom of the ab detail plate) under normal circumstances. The left thigh was hiked up more after the pictures The right forearm was hiked up more after the pictures. There is a strap going all of the way from shoulder to shoulder, as nothing going from shoulder to chestplate would be able to withstand the force needed to hold the shoulders in place. I'm not sure if I have to hide that strap, but I'll have to come up with something if I do. I'll take some better pictures once I'm ready to apply for basic membership, but I have to patch the top holes in the belt first (which I really still can't fathom is needed for BASIC approval) since I am not ordering the new belt until I've got the ab/kidney gap closed. I had some serious problems with my throat mic setup, any time the throat mic was near the chest plate, there was CRAZY feedback, and this is a nice throat mic too. wearing the aker amp and icomm units on a gopro chest rig. Also had some problems with the SHA. I opted for the version with speakers, and there was crazy feedback once the volume was cranked to a level where it actually assisted hearing. I don't really want to deal with earbuds, as that's an akward connection to have. And now that I've drilled holes in the ears of my helmet, I don't want to move the microphones to a different location, as the holes will have served no purpose.
  4. Which would be fine except that this movie and ANH are supposed to take place at the "same time", not separated by any amount of years or months.
  5. The belt is on my upgrade list, but I'm in the process of losing weight, so it seems silly to order it now and try to guess the size when I could just do it later on and know for sure it's the right size. Any test fits regarding actual sizing are done with the undersuit on, yes. I do have another issue at the moment. My calves are very muscular, and so i can't actually trim a lot off of the front of the shins. If I do, the armor is not going to close in the back. This is how the sniper knee fits. Is that large gap acceptable? In hindsight, if I knew every problem I was gonna have in advance, I could have "sculpted" the return on the bottom to close that gap, but going through most of the build logs, everyone only shows the top of the sniper knee following the top of the shin, and doesn't bother showing how it fits otherwise.
  6. *sigh*. Anyone have any tips on removing a snap without drilling it? Anovos kindly omitted the part where there are 2 ever so slightly different sizes of snaps in the kit, so now I need to replace the belt snaps on the ab plate. There'should no possible way to prevent the snap from spinning or heating up when I try to drill it.
  7. I'm gonna need the white paint anyway for rivet heads and screw heads.
  8. So, last night I was in autopilot mode and wound up drilling holes in the wrong place for the lower brackets on the kidney plate. Anyone know the closest white to the color of the anovos armor for me to fill and paint the wrong holes? <br><br> Also, diet started going downhill 2 days ago. I was on the same workout and calorie routine, but 2 days ago I was tired and ready for bed at 6pm, and yesterday by 2:30pm. My body, rather than using fat for energy to keep me going, decided to just slow everything down. So yesterday I bumped up my calories by 250. I went from 10.5 lbs down yesterday to 10.1 lbs down today, but I did continue losing inches off of the waist (3.5" down since 12/4 now). <br><br> Gonna spend the whole day building today. Hopefully I make a good amount of headway, but there really are only a few big things left to take care of.
  9. Thanks. Yeah, I'm 5'9", so 220 is pretty high for someone my size (even with my amount of muscle mass), and I really hate drawn out long term dieting. That's how I always fall off the wagon. If I have to be disciplined for 18 months to hit goal weight, that's a lot worse than going through a quick 3-4 week weight loss routine and then normalizing back to 1-2 lbs per week for the remainder. 1200 calories really does suck though. I'm able to get through it a little easier now than on day 1-5, but not much. You have to specifically time every glass of water so you don't tank your electrolytes, and time every "meal" (if you can call them that) so that you make it through the day without going to bed starving. I don't eat my half sandwich (well, it's a whole sandwich on a single piece of bread, 425 calories) until 3pm so that I can make it through my 5:30 workout all of the way to dinner at 7. At 1pm when you start to feel hungry, the next 2 hours go by REALLY slowly.
  10. Alright, again, haven't posted daily, but I've been working. I did end up ripping the forearms apart, trimming them, and re-gluing them. They do look better now. I stopped being so careful with the glue, because I didn't realize it was this easy (even if it's a little annoying) to get it off. I fixed up my E-11 (not planning on taking that to the premier though, I'd rather not get arrested). There was a loose wire on the recharge port that I've procrastinated fixing for... 2 years maybe? As you can see, the thighs and forearms are glued, minus some internal reinforcement, and they need some sanding on the top and bottom edges to true everything up. I started installing the bracket system, still not sure if I'm okay with protruding screw heads. Every mounting point is reinforced. And as far as the fitness routine goes, I've been an ANGEL on my diet. Haven't slipped, cheated, snuck a snack, etc. It's been EXACTLY 1200 calories a day (ALL clean calories, lots of salmon, anything grilled or pan fried is done "dry" with no oil or butter in the pan), at least 8 (usually 10) pints of water a day, and 1-2 workouts, depending on what the strength workout is for that day. On 12/1 I weighed in at 230 lbs, and on 12/9 I weighed in at 219.8 lbs. Despite what seems like an impressive amount of loss in such a short amount of time, I'm a little disappointed. I purposefully skipped day 1 to eliminate any leftover food in my system, so I didn't weigh myself until day 2. I was also very scientific about when I weighed myself each day. day 2-3: -.6 lbs. Day 3-4: -2.7 lbs. day 4-5: -0 lbs. day 5-6: -1.3 lbs. day 6-7: - 2.3 lbs. Day 7-8: -1.3 lbs. Day 8-9: -1.6 lbs. Day 9-10: -.4 lbs Granted that day 2-3 was still early in the routine, and could have had skewed results, day 4-5 and day 9-10 really were disappointing. I started measuring my waist daily on 12/4 to help see if it was just water retention skewing some of the results. Since 12/4 I am down 2.5 inches in the waist, and did not lose any inches from day 9-10. I know the weight loss cycle is weird, but it's tough to be SO disciplined about eating and working out on this crazy level, and seeing a net loss of .4 lbs for a day. I'm not asking for 2.7 lbs on a daily basis, but a more consistent 1.5 lbs with no less than 1 lb per day would be nice. Part of the motivation is seeing that it's working, and when you wake up in the morning and the scale tells you "hey, good job, you're the same as yesterday" you really have to dig deep for that extra motivation. At 1200 calories, there's also the constant worry of when the super low intake is going to stop working, so seeing a small change on the scale triggers the "okay, is it still going to work if I keep doing exactly this? Do I have to change things up for slightly slower weight loss? Do I have to increase my intake just for today to rev my metabolism back up?" type of thoughts. 11/29 12/9 11/29 12/9
  11. I have a question about the "Bracket System Final Assembly". Is there any reason one way or the other to countersink the armor (and reinforce it from the back) to make the bracket screws sit flush? I'm just imagining hearing a lot of rubbing of the screw heads between the posterior and the kidney when I walk, even allowing the screws to "lock" if they slide sideways a bit.
  12. Got my notification as well, the way this was handled was... weird, to say the least. I'm happy it will be here in time for the premier, I'm just not sure why the information changed so many times so quickly.
  13. Well, you're using simplify3d, so I know you know your stuff.
  14. And when I asked them about expedited shipping, they said no, so clearly they don't want people on the east coast to expect these to arrive on time.
  15. UPDATE: I'll believe it when I see it, but at least it does sound like mine isn't pushed back due to the nonsensical reasons listed above. I also just found out this helmet lights up in the film, and there seems to be conflicting info about whether the helmet I am receiving will light up. At NYCC Anovos said it will, but I feel like if it did, that would be a major marketing point. For me, adding lights to that is one of the easiest things I can do, even if it needs to have some level of dimming control based on how it functions in the film (which I won't know until I see it).
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