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  1. Just found this on eBay, so the question is who wants to buy eight sets of armor? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stormtrooper-SQUAD-Armour-8-SUITS-STAR-WARS-MOVIE-REPLICA-MULTIPLE-HELMETS-/231458849092?hash=item35e405c144
  2. I feel like they could have built it slightly better, mind you I am still fairly new to this but you would expect a certain amount of continuity between the films. As it sits there are more armor differences between RO and ANH (which in all likelihood ends with the plans being loaded on the Tantive IV) then there are between ANH and ESB (which occurs 3 years apart). As it sits though with construction they do not have the same look and illusion as the armor that we wear now, our armor passes off as real armor (quirks and all), but to me the armor from Rogue One looks more like a costume, what
  3. For now I use a 24 Gallon Gorilla box, it fits everything except for my bucket. I am planning on upgrading to something better with larger wheels and more space.
  4. It is hit or miss, the way to view it is that I am EIB doing some polishing for my Centurion thread and I don't have the soft goods yet.
  5. Looks pretty good, the only things that I see is on the helmet the eyes need some TLC, and as was pointed out on my EIB thread the frown will need repainting. The thermal det is too long and needs to be painted. Also I am not sure how the staff will feel about the fact that you have three straps connecting your ab plate to your kidney plate on both your right and left sides.
  6. I have taken this kit to EIB! After a little more tweaking it will be Centurion, I do have to say it is a pretty solid first kit.
  7. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I will set about making all of the improvements that were suggested.
  8. Mind you I am far from an expert but your thighs appear to be too big.
  9. Sorry about that, I have uploaded the image so you can see the charging handle side.
  10. Fixed the issue of no D-ring picture, thank you for pointing that out!
  11. It was elastic and E6000 that I started using on the torso but then abandoned in favor of the superior bracket method, and as for the belt I am planning on getting a TKittle belt after I get my tax return.
  12. Brandon Ragan TK-42806 Target92 Dune Sea Garrison Mandatory Information Helmet= ANOVOS Armor= ANOVOS Blaster= Blast Tech E11, HFx Productions Front Back Left Left Side Arm Up Right Right Side Arm Up Ab Buttons Action Pose Cod Split Rivet Torso Inner Bracket Straps Helmet Front Helmet Right Helmet Left Helmet Back Lense Color Belt With Three Rivet Covers Thermal Det Sniper Knee Ammo Thigh Belt E11 Shoulder Bell and Bicep Cli
  13. I can officially state that I have gotten my ANOVOS kit to meet Imperial standards
  14. TK42806 requesting access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20687&costumeID=124
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