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  1. I am not much of a collector so just these 4 (same coins just flipped I only have 1 of each)




    Think its a full set of 2018 (normal, EIB, staff) and then the 2019 staff coin on the right.


    The only other coins I have is a pair of these:


    These are the first coin run my Garrison did that I remember since I joined, there may have been one just before I joined but not 100% on that one.

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  2. 16 hours ago, LEGOeatPokemon said:

    Hello Joseph, I have the undersuit that came with the armor still, I just didn't feel like putting it on at the moment.

    The undersuit can affect the fit greatly, especially against some normal trousers. Even a small amount can effect the fit by a lot so by fitting using trousers you may end up with a very loose fit. 

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  3. I’m reasonably sure my grandfather once met RBP. He was a scout master back when they were still called that and scouts wore the hats, and possibly still carried staves. He lived just down the coast from Poole, where the first scout camp was held on Brownsea island. He had several major scout awards, sadly these were all stolen along with his WWII Service medals in the 90s. 

    The scouts runs in my family, I was a scout and achieved my Chief scout award, my sister was an explorer after guides and my mum ran was group scout leader right up until she passed away. The scouts planted a memorial for her in the local park where the scouts, and cubs where often to be found. 

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