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  1. Feel free to check out the modified code that I did for my blaster (link to my build thread is in my sig). That should cover what you are looking for.
  2. I don't think so. I checked their twitter feed and they haven't posted to it in over 12 months.
  3. Is the Rom/FX available any more? I went to their site and it is down.
  4. Great work Steve, I have a feeling this will be the go to thread for Anovos conversion to qualify for Centurion.
  5. A small flat head screwdriver will also work. Just shim it under the edge and work around the ouece until it comes loose. That is what I had to do with mine to fix that same issue.
  6. My suggestion would be to reach out to the GML to have a conversation, via phone if not in person. Try to get a feel for what is really going to nees to be corrected for basic approval versus what are suggestions for just a better looking kit.<br><br><br> My guess is that something has been lost in translation <br><br><br> Keep your chin up, the standards at the MEPD are high, but the group will help you get there.
  7. It will depend on what level of achievement you are going for, so Andrew has some solid advice. Posting this exact same question in the Hurt Locker should get you a lot more feedback.<br><br> With that said...her are some thoughts from me...<br><br> The left thigh is missing the notch.<br><br> Cover strips should not be sqaured off, the corners should be clipped, creating 45 degree edges, by about 1.5mm.<br><br> Bucket is missing the mic tips and s-trim.<br><br> Back plate should not overlap the kidney plate.<br><br> The rivets on the left side of your kidney/ab junction appear to be too big.<br><br> The largest box on the ab plate should have the "washer" in the lower right corner.<br><br> Your compression top is bunching at the elbows. Could just be how you put it on, or the size may be too big.<br><br> Good luck with your journey!
  8. Taken directly from the belt section of the CRL for the ANH Stunt:<br> "The holster is affixed with only two fasteners at the bottom (one per strap)."<br> In the current form, a belt with four fasteners would need some type of modification to meet the basic approval.
  9. I'm with Germain on this one. I am sure as the Anovos kits get rolled out there will be several inconsistencies that will have to be addressed and the owner will have to make their own decision on if they want to go down the path of making the required alterations to not only meet with the current CRL's, but to also achieve any higher certifications. So much going out there about these kits, but unless I am mistaken, no one has received one yet to start documenting what will be shipped to the consumer (re: those of us in the costuming community).
  10. The last pass of a damp cloth before painting can be done with rubbing alcohol instead of water. Will achieve the same results, but much faster drying time as the alcoh will evaporate faster than water.
  11. Don't forget to drill a small vent hole in the center of the pipe that can be covered with the control panel. Otherwise you have the neat TD pop gun with the first end clap you put on. KABAAM!
  12. N40's should be fine. The only difference is the 42's have more pulling force. That shouldn't be a big deal for armor assembly.
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