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  1. That is crazy! We watched the Original Trilogy with a friend of mine's wife who had never seen Star Wars, she is 32. She kept going on and on and on about how Leia didn't have a bra on (I wouldn't either it was hot where they filmed), and how Han Solo was chauvinistic. I don't remember her reaction to the ewoks. I think they are little Teddy Bears from hell too! haha
  2. I can't wait to see it finished! My husband and I had the same problem with the thighs needing to be modified. Did your garrison members show you how you can fix that?
  3. We did our first troop this past Saturday at Bobakhan Toys and Collectibles. We help the Volunteers of American Western Washington raise over 2000 pounds of food!! Here is a picture so you all can see my adjustments to my thighs and weathering. I'm the shorter TD haha, I didn't realize how short I look when next to my husband, I'm 5'7" he's 6'. Boba Chicken was EPIC! Here is a link if you all are interested in other photos taken at the event. It was a blast! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1067643929935900.1073741857.637080099658954&type=3
  4. Ya, I just bought a bunch for their Black Friday event.
  5. Thought I'd share this from the 501st Facebook page. "TeePublic is offering 30% OFF for our friends and fans using checkout code 501ST30 through December 14th! Shop a huge selection of Star Wars shirts, hoodies, phone cases and more here:http://bit.ly/1NkIWec" They have some really great designers and good quality shirts and hoodies.
  6. Ya, the elastic with some velcro will work for your pictures. Just make sure whoever is taken them makes sure it is in the right position, it kept falling down on me I have the two Spanish Pouches and no shoulder pouch now haha. I need to see how to keep it on Sandy Pimpernel's armor better.
  7. I did the Bass Amsterdam boots (got them from Amazon) and they were half the price I could have got them from TKBoots (the shipping was going to be the same price as the boots). I did have a little problem with my shins riding up, so I just stuck a piece of industrial strength velcro to the boot and my shin to keep my shin from moving up. To paint them white you just need acetone nail polish remover to get the shiny top coat off, then you can use white acrylic paint to paint over the shoe. It will need a few coats, and let it dry completely between each coat. I recommend taping off the bottom to keep paint off the rubber part of the shoe. I used white fabric paint to paint the elastic that is on the ankle, it does make the shoe a little stiff just put it on and off a few times and it should stretch it back out. I'm a TD so I had to weather mine and opted for a matte clear coat over top, if you are doing a TK just put a glossy clear coat. They are acceptable to 501st, and this is actually how they did them for the movies I have pictures on my build thread link.
  8. If you are looking more for a laptop and not a tablet, I have a Lenovo Ideapad in the 500 series with an intel core i5 processor. It was the floor model at Best Buy and I got it for an awesome price. It is 3 years old and the only problem is I've had to replace the power adapter. I've dropped it a few times and had no damage done to it. I would steer clear of Dell, I've blown the harddrive up on more than I can count working for the Army.
  9. A cheese cloth is a thing mesh cloth (it's used to wring out the moister when making cheese), you can usually find it at the near the cooking utensils at stores. Plastidip is a synthetic rubber that comes in a can that you can either spray or paint on, you can find it at most hardware stores. I used the spray plastidip on the inside of my helmet to give it a nice coat to make it a little thicker and make it so it's harder to see inside from the lenses.
  10. We ending up using a heat gun on my husbands, it kept popping off his butt haha. I have a dewalt heat gun and put it on 400 or 450 degrees and heated up the plastic a little all around. Then I held it in place until it was cool again.
  11. Do you have snaps on your cod and butt plates down by your crotch? That's how I keep mine from moving up.
  12. I just stumbled on this today. Your DLT-19 looks awesome so far, can't wait to see how it looks once you finish!
  13. I have issues trying to post image links from my cell phone. I think the mobile site doesn't read the formatting correctly. Your boots look great! I did the same thing with a pair of black Bass one's I bought on Amazon. Mine are just a bit more dirty, since I'm a TD.
  14. Your build looks great so far. I'd check with your GML for your garrison, since they are your approving factor.
  15. Oh, if you do get a hyperfirm (which are SUPER NICE my husband has the DLT-19 a B Grade) you can check out my build to see how I weathered and did the buttstock with acrylic. If you have any questions just ask
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