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  1. Aww that sucks I'd be so down. so you just went to a store for no reason? HahaDamn idk how I'm going to put it on in the parking lot
  2. I'm in southern CA. That's cool I want to do it now lol how did you get to the store since you can't drive or be in a car with the suit on??
  3. do stores like target and best buy allow people in costume into their stores?? or will the make a big deal out of it ?
  4. its lame i wanted to troop. i am still thinking about doing it. im in california right now and i think i might just go alone?
  5. Oh wow thank you ! so i will literally be using my phone??
  6. what do you mean by "voice changer" and " no voice changer"??
  7. What are the best voice changers to go for?? I'm in the market for a great quality voice changer. I want to sound exaclty like a stormtrooper. thank you troopers!
  8. thats cool dude. i havnt applied i dont have a TK ID yet. i wonder if i can somehow get it into my ID as well
  9. i contacted them but it looks like nobody is doing anything :/ i guess im going to do a solo troop to my nearby target or best buy
  10. I am just curious. I want to troop to my nearest target or best buy in my area and want to troop with other troopers i think it would make a lot of people's day haha
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