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  1. Do you have a static burst box, amp or speakers in that. I really like the looks of it.
  2. I am currently attempting to build up the interior of two TK Buckets. One as a display/backup, just in case something happens to my main Bucket. I've seen some other people's buckets and got some ideas, but I am always looking to make things better in all aspects. I am asking that people post photos and info on what they did and used on theirs. What worked and did not work and where certain parts (ie. fans, switches, padding, helmet liners, speakers) were found? Of course please follow all FISD Forum rules with this info. The TK (VT) shown below is not one of the two I am going to work on, but it is what I am currently using. No electronics are installed in it. I am only waiting on the Static Burst Box to come in before I begin construction on the other two. For this one below I just used the SKYDEX Helmet Padding System commonly found in Kevlar Helmets. They can be purchased for about $80.00 on either Military or Law Enforcement Equipment web sites. I do like the pads because they stick to the small velcro disks, that come in the package, and can be easily removed for repositioning or washing. The pads can be thrown into a washing machine after a hot sweaty troop. I thought the pads inside my Kevlar were to bulky but I do really like them inside the TK. I've only trooped twice with it, both recently. Since I am planning on selling it, I have not removed those long screws or built it up any further. Chris G TK-5556
  3. Hi, my name is Chris and I am from the Port Charlotte area of Florida. Been on a few of the other sites and finally made my way here.
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