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  1. Please need some help and ideas how to put the pouches in the shoulder! I really will appreciate it! Thanks
  2. thanks for the response and the info ! i just looking because my next armor have to be a New order !
  3. Where can you get a good FOTK complete armor? And approved by the 501st?
  4. ok thanks for remind me that! , i didnt know about the SDS armor is a big problem, i wish i had read this forum before. For Now I just ask some advice about fixing it, then when i save more money I will get other armor and not make the big mistake of buying from SDS. Is a nightmare! Thanks guys!
  5. Well first of all, i want to prepare my armor to be approved for the 501st. I need to change the plastic belt for the canvas and the holster have to be integrated to the belt, then i need to know what other part is urgent to make to be approved? thanks for the respond! im really excited to began as soon as possible!
  6. hello everybody! Really i would like to receive some tips to change my battle spec armor from SDS, so i can get approved to the 501st! i really will appreciate!
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