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  1. Aight, I'm reactivated. I've improved my bucket, and am working on a screen accurate belt now. I've even started work on a pipe blaster, too. So I'm making some progress.
  2. TK-4427 Requesting 501st access, please. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=6920
  3. You know, you're right... These things don't seem to be movable , sooooo I'm guessing I'll have to order new ones and scrape these off?
  4. Just thought I'd share some pics. You know, just because. *shrug* Cheers, -Ryan
  5. Hey, all - This is probably a "Well, duh!" question, but since I really don't wanna screw up *another* helmet I figured I'd ask anyway. Anywho, I ordered a VT helmet recently and I'm wondering how the paint sticks to the ABS. Was sanding/priming the frown/ears necessary, or did it go on easily without? Thanks, -Ryan
  6. Well, in the event I can get my butt reactivated, I'd be down for giving this a shot. heh. -Ryan
  7. They're standard PC fans... I currently have them mounted on the frown. I'm thinking I might dremel out the lines in the traps on the back of the helmet and move them up there, as I'm afraid to put a live mic next to these things.
  8. I bought them pre-wired from got armor. They're the same voltage as yours so they should sound the same. At least they do keep everything nice and cool. But the scary thing is that I wasn't using my voice amp at the time... They should be nice and annoying once I hook that up.
  9. So, I just installed these fans I bought from Got Armor and I'm kinda taken aback by how *loud* these things are. When I have them running, I can't hear anything at all while they're running... and people can hear them, as well. I had my wife try my bucket on, and I could hear the high-pitched hum of the fans as far as 10 feet away. Is this normal? Are you supposed to be able to hear these things outside of the helmet?
  10. Wheels of death aren't too bad, that's where I got my lunch today, and I'm fine! *thud*
  11. Eh, microwave "Big AZ" chicken sammich. Ghettolicious! I was too tired and lazy to go over to the cafeteria in the other building. -Ryan
  12. Thankee! I just got the email today. I'm sure Mike will announce it when he gets a chance.
  13. Sweet! Isn't that going to be starting up again soon? I'm sorry I didn't get the reference (the turd thing was a joke). I haven't watched that show in too long.
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