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  1. Body shop 101 begins.... So I practiced on a few scrap pieces that I gouged deeper than the scratches on my face mask. Actually had to start off with 220 grit on the practice pieces until the scratch was leveled out and gone, but on the face mask I was able to get it out with just 400. Continued with 400, 800, 1000, 1500, and finally 2000 grit. Each time feathering out of the repair area to blend it in better. After the wet sanding was finished I used Novus 3, then 2 to get rid of any light scratches or abrasions. When all the light scratches and swirls we're finally gone with Novus 2 I finished it off with Novus 1 to bring back the shine! I am really impressed with the outcome, can't even tell that it was ever scratched. And my OCD had me fixing a few little minor scratches and polished off the entire faceplate for a uniform appearance. Before any sanding After sanding After compound and polish Gonna keep polishing and buffing to bring out more gloss but this was way easier than I anticipated. Thanks for everyone's tips and advice!
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I'm gonna try wet sand and compound on a scrap piece and then try out the Novus before I make an attempt on the faceplate. I'll update when I'm done.
  3. I just ordered some Novus 1,2,&3 to compound and polish. I'll definitely try the sanding with the different grits on a few scrap pieces. Funny I have no problem jumping in with wet sanding a brand new car but for some reason this armor scares me lol. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Finally got everything I need to start my build and got the ball rolling today. Going for Centurion from the gate! •ATA Works full armor kit •Trooperbay -Centurion Kit -Hard hat kit for bucket -Leather holster -Undersuit -Extra latex hand guards for soft gloves -Paints and templates •UKSWRATH electronics -TK Hovi Audio System Kit #8 -UKS Ultimate Bracket fans -New SHA with speakers •Neck seal with bib from Darman's Props •TK Boots from TKBoots.com •Blaster Master Uber E-11 Blaster Hero kit with lights, sound and stand Started the bucket today, very intimidating making the first cuts lol. Here are a few pics, let me know if there is anything I should do more for the eyes and frown. I actually scratched the faceplate a little with a file that slipped. It's killing my OCD so any advice on getting the scratch out would be much appreciated. I'd hate to have to order a new faceplate. Thanks in advance everyone, can't wait to complete this and start trooping. The scratch[emoji31]
  5. So I finally started my build today and made my first cuts. I was filing the teeth in the frown and the file slipped and scratched the faceplate. It's not a deep gouge but it's also not just a brush. Any idea if it can be fixed or should I order a new faceplate. Thanks in advance!
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