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  1. For latex you're going to want to use latex paint. I just got a sample batch from home depot
  2. For anyone who comes across this post in the future, Terrell said that Rustoleum pro enamel gloss white is the closest match
  3. Hi all. Due to my massive thighs, I've been forced to add shims to my thigh armor. I tried using abs goop to blend the shims in, but I can't seem ti get it smooth enough afterward do that you can't notice. My next step will probably to get some apoxie sculpt and smooth everything out. I'll need to paint it after to blend it all together so long story for this question:<br><br> What paint most closely matches ATA armor?
  4. Hi all, Building my own DLT-19 out of foam. This build is going to be real slow going but I thought I'd share what I have done so far. Slowly, but surely it's coming along
  5. Hi all! I'm currently working on putting fans in my helmet with my brother (I know nothing about electronics). I'm using two 12v fans wired to an on/off switch and 12v RC car battery. My question for you all: How do you secure your fans to the bucket without any buzzing? I was thinking of putting the two fans in the cheeks near the front as I think I can get a little bit of distance off the plastic to get air to be pulled through the fan. Any advice? Thanks!
  6. Hi all! Realized I've been posting but haven't introduced myself here first! My name is Taylor Harrell and I live in Orlando, fl. I work as a performer in the theme parks here and have actually been involved with SWW the past few years. I've already built a doopydoos pipe build for anh, and an ATA helmet, waiting for my armor. Nice to meet you all!
  7. Here's the fix! Followed by the completed helmet!
  8. I fixed it! Thanks for everyone's advise. I used the drill and popped out the rivets. I'll post a picture when I get home
  9. I had left the trim on until after this step to make sure there was enough material since ATA can be sparse on the sides. So you think it's fixable and not a total mess up?
  10. Hi all. I was putting together my first ATA helmet and after riveting it, realized my tubes don't line up. Is this ok? Will the ears cover it once they are cut or is there no hope for this helmet?
  11. That means a lot! I had an absolute blast! Still waiting for ATA armor, I've decided to commit myself to making a DLT-19
  12. Things I know are wrong: Scope/Counter since I made them have imperfections. Front sight is not dovetailed, front aiming pin is too small/thin. Front sight doesn't have cross hatched detailing. Both of these two might be updated at some point. Bayonet lug side isn't sanded flat (forgot before I glued the lug) Mistake above the trigger from where it originally was a working trigger. Slimmed trigger piece too much so it wiggled. Bolts in the muzzle are too small. Didn't realize till they were in and couldn't remove them. Inner bolt piece is placed slightly too high, and manual trigger (not sure of this name) is slightly too far out. T-tracks are not 100% accurate. I went with the lowes door track method. Anything I missed?
  13. Hey all! Here is my first ever build, a Doopydoos Pipe build! Posting pictures for everyone to look at, comment on and critique. I'm extremely proud (as this is my first building of anything ever) but I'm also aware there is still plenty wrong with it. The scope was made by using TK560's instructions (http://www.tk560.com/jegner/M19-scope-tutorial.pdf) and the Hengstler counter was made using stukatrooper's guide (https://www.flickr.com/photos/stukatrooper/sets/) and using other troopers build posts (mostly SIMpixels build). Here it is!
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