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  1. Will this work? https://www.amazon.com/Gorilla-Glue-Adhesive-2-Ounces-50001/dp/B0007KQUMK/ref=sr_1_2?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1484284385&sr=1-2&keywords=gorilla
  2. What do you guys use to glue PLA parts together? Should I use pure acetone?
  3. Kevin Brice aka KBPROPS is making them, you can find him on Facebook.
  4. The kama looks a lot like military grade ground sheets and it's more to olive than black unlike the black stated in the CRL. Has anyone confirm the material yet, seems like the CRL needs a lot of changes.
  5. Some more interesting info: SHORETROOPER Patroling the luxurious world of Scarif, the shoretroopers are specialist elite stormtroopers. Owing to the highly specific nature of the postings, they are a rare sight in the galaxy. They operate at an effective sergeant rank, which means they are able to command stormtrooper squads.
  6. I think I missed that out, commented on it because they were just flailing on your approval pictures. - *Oh boy, I realised it was the wrong person!
  7. Looks like the shoulders will be an issue, I'll be doing this mod on my biceps to connect to the shoulders.
  8. Scouts are not regular Stormtroopers wearing light armor, they are trained specialists to hand different roles. Whereby the Shoretroopers are just regular Stormtroopers swapping out armors for their duties. Initially and what we see on screen are two different issues. I'm not trying to argue, just find it weird that they are listed in the wrong detachment within the legion.
  9. I think the forearms are too long and thick. And the drastic difference of paint between the helmet and armor, I think I should repaint my helmet as well.
  10. That's the disappointing part, why are they distinguishing a detachment based on looks itself? So now they are very similar to Sandtroopers, shouldn't they be in the MEPD? Some interesting info about the Shoretroopers.
  11. Just curious if you are able to get approval on a 3D printed helmet?
  12. That's really weird why were they assigned before the movie premiered and just based on assumptions. They are far from pathfinders. Having a snout does not make you a scout.
  13. Hey guys, in the new visual guide. They have listed the Shoretrooper as TK-32028, so the armor stays here and not BSN. Credits to Grey Fox from Imperial Scarif Battalion - The Rogue One Shoretrooper Resource Group on Facebook.
  14. With all the side stories coming, what do you thinking the possibility of Disney remaking EP4, 5 and 6? Maybe with the inclusion of all Rogue One characters, troops, weapons etc to make it even more canon to the universe.
  15. And the matter of fact that they are able to sit makes the suspicion even higher.
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