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  1. Welcome,mr. All Black, to the world of the All Whites:-)
  2. You are most welcome:-) The boots can be approved, but they are not very accurate.....therefore I recommend some of the others...:-). DoopyDoos is a company, that makes blaster kits. No I did not buy a Hasbro because it will not be approved beyond basic level:-)..
  3. I would avoid those boots and check out the ones I have listed in my thread on boots, or Bass Amsterdam, or Lands End Chelseas. An E-11 can be purchased various places, I bought a DoopyDoos, and you can check out my build thread on that:-)
  4. That is what I did, but Morten is right also... You can just drop me a line any time:-)
  5. SorenM

    My kid as a Jawa

    Some pics from my first official troop, where my kid joined as well:-)
  6. SorenM

    My kid as a Jawa

    I used the halves of kinder eggs, with battery driven Christmas lights inside..I can post some pics later.......:-) Thanks :-)
  7. You are in for treat...it is absolutely a gorgeous armour:-)
  8. Hi Jannick welcome to THE detachment....:-).. Feel free to ask any questions, my "specialty" is weaponry and boots:-)....
  9. Fixed Now painting and weathering:-)
  10. Had Alfredo make a fire selection lever, and a rear sight. Arrived yesterday, and I fiddeled with them today. They are both made "functional"... The fire selection lever. A screw into the rear, and the into the blaster....of course painting and weathering will be done later The rear sight has been made functional by drilling out the part where the sight would be attached on a real mg-34, and a wooden dowel has been inserte instead, secured by a screw to the rear. A trench for the screw that holds the sight to the dowel has been dremelled out. I need to find solution where the sight will lie totally flat against the blaster when not in the upright position
  11. Received mine last week..it is beyond awesome:-).....as I am a TK only, it will probably just be used for display.....so far :-)
  12. Looks nice agreed, but apparently this company comes with a lot of bad publicity, http://www.milsimempire.com/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=4121 http://thefordreport.com/2012/11/concerning-cushman-custom-creations/ and the quality is supposedly not very good... Tried getting in touch with DoopyDoos?
  13. Agreed Karin... My favourite piece of classical music by far!.:-) I hummed it for my son when he was an infant and was crying his eyes out...it calmed him down totally:-) I played it for him when he was just 8 months old, and he would jump up and down when on any bodys lap, whenever he heard it:-)
  14. TM makes absolutely fabulous armours, and they fit like they were made at a taylors... And I agree, why not have an expert make your armour for you?..I am so glad that I chose that option:-) Enjoy yours, and may the days pass quickly:-)
  15. RGR that Mathias:-) ... And ofcourse ( luckily my armour is fully up to the new standards, I still "just" need to loose more weight...15 cm now, and still the gap is too big for Centurion...but I reckon that 6 months in Africa will take care of that little "problem";-)
  16. Those side gaps were my achilles heel as well..:-), what did you do to minimize it?..I lost 12 cm ( now 16cm) off my waistline.....and the gap is still too wide for Centurion clearance......(sigh:-))
  17. Goood job all!.:-).. A question: will this affect current EIB holders or Centurions?
  18. Hey Darren welcome to FISD:-)... Rather Nordic surname you've got there?:-)
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