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  1. ohh and I forgot...thanks you so much for the kind Words
  2. Thnx a bunch Ricky... I have the Hengstler, and am on the lookout for the M/38 (ArnieDK has given me a replica, so maybe I will use that)...the Sterling is a nay impossible project, due to National restrictions on fírearms..but I will give it a try...
  3. I wish I could be of any use, but as you know I am quite a long ways from my blaster....and I do not recall exactly which bolts I used...
  4. CedricStorm thanks .. ...my experience is that superglue does not last very long, or is as resilient as epoxy, so I would definately go with epoxyglue.....
  5. Thanks Tim... Following your own build on the sideline from here "down range"....
  6. Bringing the Empire to South Sudan

  7. That is good news...but IMO a pair of painted black highly accurate and high quality chelseas are still preferable....:-)
  8. Congratulations!..and good choice!. :-)
  9. SorenM

    Funny mix-up

    My wife and I are driving and passing an auto dealer when she eagerly exclaims : "Soren, Soren, look!..it is a Stormtroo.....oh never mind it was the Michelin Man...."......
  10. You are so welcome Hrvoje..:-)
  11. Merry Christmas to all of you :-)
  12. Thanks Hrvoje:-).. Good luck with it.:-).. And just ask if you have any questions....
  13. That is one TRULY FANTASTIC looking blaster....excellent job!.:-)
  14. Roger...they are awesome no matter what:-)..... There will opportunities in the coming year for sure....:-).. So dont dispair;-)
  15. Holy moly!...that is an awesome stand...truly awesome.........how did you make it?..and can you make additional ones?
  16. Realy really really nice blaster!...wauw!....:-)
  17. This is the artwork, made by "Petittattoo", that will be my next project, which will star next summer. The trooper has been drawn using a photo of myself in my armour :-)
  18. Cooool...but I am sure my missus would characterize this as a tad over the top...;-).. We do have SW Christmas ornaments and baubles though :-)
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