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  1. Nope.. But drop me a PM with your address pls.
  2. Like Minuteman said.."Nooooooooo"...... Check out this thread on suitable candidates.... http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24742-trooper-boots-a-list-of-suitable-candidates/
  3. .stay clear of Jedi-Robe..it is overpriced and not very good quality..... If you would like me to, I can hook you up with some Danish Army issue, that I myself use, at a much better price and quality.....
  4. Danish army issue, two-piece sweat wicking long underwear......and for cold weather, two layers.....
  5. I use Imgur...pretty straight forward:-)
  6. Yes Sir! ;-)....will do :-)
  7. Looking ver good so far :-)... One minor detail is that the screws used in the Hengstler should have only one straight slot, not two crossed slots....
  8. SorenM

    My kid as a Jawa

    That looks so good Daniel...I am sure I saw them and you in Essen :-).. And yes the bandolier is from India....:-)
  9. SorenM

    My kid as a Jawa

    Looking real good Derek! :-)
  10. Hey Jannick Have you asked Paul about it?..I think he can provide a very specific answer :-)..
  11. SorenM

    My kid as a Jawa

    Thanks you Jason:-).... Any questions on that as well, just ask them:-)
  12. Cannot sit down in the armour..or that is..I cannot at least:-)
  13. Herzlichen Glückwunsch...wit it all, and welcome to the ranks of the All Whites:-)..
  14. Welcome to FISD:-). As others have pointed out, there needs to made some adjustments:-)... Side gaps, belt alignment, biceps and forearms, need to be adressed:-)
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