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  1. So I've finished this. I wanted to go the Endor weathered style as it's what I remember fondly when I saw it in 1983. After some advice from Joe, I opened up the eyes which looks better. Ears....bloody he'll....Ears!!! Had a job getting these right . Thanks to Paul for those and the lenses. All in £100 for a CFO Jedi Stormie and I'm so happy. ESB next!!
  2. Update. Spent a lot of time filling cracks etc. I need some ears them it's done. I'll actually be weathering this thanks for looking. Lee
  3. Please excuse me if this has been asked before, but are there templates available for the foam leaf and straps inside the helmet? Looking to fit some into mine. thanks Lee
  4. I was browsing Ebay the other week and saw that Joe R was selling a damaged styrene pull from the ROTJ helmets that he and CFO done. This one was used by his kids and had seen better days - it looks like it was one of the drums at the end of ROTJ. Always loved the Joe R / CFO helmet so I decided to buy it, with the idea of it being my first ever repair job / rebuild. Ive filled all holes, cracks etc sanded and primed the helmet. Ive dropped a major doodoo on a certain part but thankfully ive rectified it. Stay tuned for a beginners attempt at rebuilding this lovely helmet.
  5. 232073609639<br><br> Check out this lid guys, is it a known recast? If so, from what?
  6. Guys, There is a guy selling complete undersuits, neck seals and gloves on Ebay UK for £65 plus postage. Is this a good seller? Seems to have sold a few and im looking to buy all three parts for my build. Any help or advice is appreciated. Lee
  7. Just wanted to see if anyone has actually used rivets alone to assemble a set of armor? I have a set of Fiberglass armour and id like to turn it into a display piece only. Its taking a lot to get it to line up correctly with Velcro and glue - and also, can I also heat up the fiberglass to mould it to a better fit? Cheers Lee
  8. Guys, im going to replace insert real screws into the scope front to make it look that little bit more authentic. Id just like to ask if someone can tell me the colour of the original screws? Are they brass or silver? Ive already started preparing for this and am going to cheat a little by just drilling into the resin enough to allow me to insert a screw head with a tiny amount of thread so that i dont need to drill all the way in. Cheers Lee
  9. Guys, Ive got a fibreglass Stormtrooper helmet that has yellowed quite badly. What is the best way to repainr this? It was a present from my wife for our engagement in 2007 so its sentimental to me Thanks Lee
  10. Oh well, it was too good to be true. Ive got one very upset 8 year old lad here. We were going to build this together and set it up at his party at months end - but its not going to happen as seller hasn't responded to emails, ebay resolution or anything. Ive even tried calling him with hie ebay registered number. What annoys me even more is that he is still selling under the username Atlantic highway (it must be him because its In the same town ) and each set is listed as VCM...( Ebay account I bought it from was Vipercustommoulding) so it isn't rocket science. Im not in the position to spend too much on a suit at present so this was just going to be a display piece really, but another dream shatted I suppose. I think I feel more sorry for my little lad. He has been telling all of his mates he is getting a lifesize trooper to.. So please don't roast me - I just wanted to treat him and seeing as though he has sold loads I thought it was good.
  11. Hi guys,<br> Im almost there on my real Sterling conversion but am looking for some help with the counter numbers. Id like the number 270475 ( my birthday ) but im having trouble locating someone to do correct ones with the four white and two yellow digits. <br> Im willing to pay if someone can help.<br> Thanks<br> Lee
  12. Hey guys,<br><br> So ive got my scope rail on its way soon. I have the scope and counter ready but only the scope has screw holes. Whats the best way to fix a counter to the bracket on the side of my rail? If i need to screw it, whats the best screws to use?<br><br> Thanks<br><br> Lee
  13. All,<br><br> Where is the best place to get power cylinders? Not the real metal, resin or 3d prints would be good. Looked on SW but £8 to ship UK??<br><br> Lee
  14. Guys,<br><br> Does anyone have a template i can use for cutting my sterling mag down to the correct size?<br><br> Thanks<br><br> Lee
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