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  1. JLight, Thanks...big relief that I can still make use of it. Thanks for the insight! Bogan
  2. Troopers, I have a new-in-the-box set of NE I purchased in 2015 and, due to "life" I never built it. I started a build thread but have not updated it since then. I have searched all around the site here, and see that it is listed as an "old" set, I believe no longer being sold. If someone can tell me straight out, or please point me towards the answer, if I can re-start and build it out for basic approval? I'm shooting for ANH Stunt and have boots, a blaster, holster, neck seal and so on. Thanks! Bogan
  3. I also realized that I have never cut ABS before. I have watched several build videos and read many, many of your build threads, and I have noticed that most people jump right in with making cuts to their armor. I am not quite so brave, so I decided to start by making a couple of cover strips! I got out my gear and a piece of extra ABS and drew my 15mm line. Then I scored the plastic with my shop knife using my plastic coated straight edge as a guide. I drew the knife twice using "firm" pressure. I snapped it very slowly and it came away cleanly. Worked better than expected!!!
  4. Thanks for the confidence-building advice. I have been working a bit on a few other things until I could get back to the build. First, I have been reading up on ways to make good use of magnets to aid in bonding cover strips. There are a lot of methods on how to prep them, everything from covering them with tape to making small cloth sacks. All good ideas! I decided to use what I had laying around and possibly come up with a new method. I decided to spray them with shellac to provide a thin protective layer to minimize scratching and to eliminate that pesky "magnet dust". I lined up some magnets on a piece of banana colored paper (for scale) and sprayed them with several coats of shellac. I haven't used them yet but the idea seems to be working.
  5. While out conducting some innocent household shopping, I made a casual detour to a local toy store and scored this gem: Yes, it is the Kylo Ren FX Lightsaber. I was curious as to how it would be rendered, and the effect is pretty cool. The main blade ignites first, as in the trailers, and the cross guard blades ignite simultaneously all with some dramatic sound effects. When on, the blade flickers and hisses a bit. While not a ragged as the images from the trailers, still pretty cool. Now, on to biceps, my first attempt at piecing. After learning the detail about the thumb/spoon print to identify the left inner bicep from the right, I tried to match up the back pieces. This is what I have simply taped together. Left bicep, I added the labels inside: The right bicep is s bit "uneven". The inner seam lines up nicely but the outer seam does not. I believe that after trimming it will work using the cover strip to account for the mismatched size. Has anyone else seen this on a right bicep?
  6. Pieces and parts: I posted these pics as proof that I purchased a kit and learned how to finally post photos. I'll refrain from sharing every little plastic bit until I work on it. During my down time I painted a set of Chelsea boots white, final result: I read a previous thread here and used acetone to remove the factory finish. I started with Angelus acrylic white leather paint and applied many coats. The rough spots along the welts are from a problem I caused for myself by being too clever. I originally used blue painter's tape on the welts to keep them black, but since I overpainted the tape the paint peeled off of the bottom of the upper. I even scored a line alone the tape edge with a knife but it didn't work. So, I ended up painting the welts white anyways and then painted them black to cover up with a tube of acrylic black paint I picked up locally. After comparing these to pics of TK boots and other finished products, I felt the welts were a bit thin so I cheated the black on the upper just a bit to get the right scale. I plan on using these for basic approval if I can and buying TK boots during the next run.
  7. I had to spend some time away from this hobby at work and then getting sick (not planned). I also added a laptop to my build to avoid any future self-inflicted technology issues. First pic, large brown box, banana for scale:
  8. Thanks, I have a Photobucket account and can easily post pics to our Garrison forums. My problem, I believe, is that I am using an iPad. I just can't figure out how to link them from the Photobucket app here. I will likely steal a laptop from my kids and use the full website features. Appreciate the patience and advice.
  9. So if anyone can help with some advice on how to post photos from my iPad to the website directly via Safari or using Taptalk we can get this ball rolling. I have tried using Taptalk as suggested in another forum but it is not working. Appreciate any responses here or via PM. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Greetings all! Like many of you I am a first time builder and plan on using this build thread to share my experience and get feedback. After conducting a lot of research and talking to a a bunch of people I decided to go with AM 2.0 to suit my body type (5'10" around 200 pounds). After contacting TG to order a set of AM 2.0 he let me know production would be delayed so he offered NE which would be ready sooner. It is similar to AM and body-appropriate for me. I am writing this thread using Taptalk from a tablet, and having trouble adding photos. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Are two different colors of blue for tube stripes specific to different builds, such as one for ANH and the other for ROTJ or are both colors acceptable for any TK tube stripes? Jason
  12. If you go back one page in this forum there is a detailed discussion about this topic. One difference cited by The5thHorseman is that 25mm strips are used on the backs of the shins. 20mm for the front of shins and both f/b of thighs.
  13. It will be interesting to see if the origin of Stormtrooper training is ever discussed in a canonical source. To my knowledge, nothing which is considered canon speficically addresses how Stormtroopers are trained. My understanding of what is now canon is the list of books found in the recent novel "Sith Lords" which lists "The stories of Star Wars" and includes all of the movies, several novels, the Disney Clone Wars and Rebels TV series. If there is a reference in canon, somebody please post it. My favorite Stormtrooper story is entitled "Trooper" first seen in Star Wars Tales 10 and was collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 3 where I first read it. The story centers on my favorite image from any Star Wars film, the first Stormtrooper to enter Tantive IV in ANH. His backstory encompasses all of the dark concepts of brutality and savagery. As far as comparisons of training in armies to Stormtroopers in the Star Wars universe, I like the comparison to the Roman legions. While their lives were undoubtedly harsh and the training brutal, their success in warfare was based on discipline, tactics and their armaments. In all key areas they were superior to their opponents for a long time. However, you cannot keep an army like that constantly at full lethal combat readiness 100% of the time. Even the Clone Troopers had issues and needed down time.
  14. Magnetic boots? From ROTS on the command deck of General Grievous's ship "Magnetize, magnetize!" Jason
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