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  1. Ok then i know.. was Worried a bit.have talked to Rob. There was a litte bit wrong with it.. but he has fixed it... But thnx all for the input..
  2. Ok i ordered a new Stormtrooper suite from Rs. All was great. but something that are bugging me is how they have build it. I can say this is my second from them. The kidneyplate have holes drilled in the back not in the return edge. Have tryied too point out too them. Getting no replay either on messenger. or the mails... And too be honest i´m real pissed about it And i have no ide how too handle it..
  3. Thank you all.. have notice my garrison. and alot of sites and Fb sites to keep an eye open........
  4. Was going today to get my Suite from the cellar. As i was walking in my heart stoped, and i saw the padlock was gone. Some a very impolite person have clipped it and stolen my trunck with RS stormtrooper suite.. Oh and the police here in Sweden. Sorry that you had a break in nothing we can do.. All i can say is, hope i don´t get my hands on thoose who did it...... Best regards Robert
  5. Yea i tried one too but i tryed to changed it with my mouth and tounge and it stoped working
  6. I have a problem with the mic that follow with aker speaker. I get squeiling from the speaker and real strange noice. But changing to an other mic it goes away. So my question is, A good and price worthy mic that goes great with Rom/Fx and where to buy one.. Regards Tk-12048
  7. Tk12048 new for today approved <br> Requesting 501st access<br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21448'>http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21448</a>
  8. I had too wait for 8 weeks even with neck seal rested...
  9. Subgathory

    Nobody home...

    Sorry to hear about your Problem Kev Got mine this friday and stumble on some problem too Can´t fit my head in the bucket does not matter how i turn it. Ab plate and kidney are build for someone with 32 inch waist i had order for 36 inch Shins are perfect but had some sticky residue inside so when i tried them on with the boots the feking paint came off. Hope it works out for booth of us. And May the force be with you. Just mailed Andrea at 8:15 got a replay from her at 8:30. she gonna talk to them so they can fix my problems
  10. Not that i have long hair, but have you tried a real thin beanies
  11. Well not approved yet, still waiting for my armor too come. But have 2 numbers that is close to me when i get assigned one. 1st is when i was married and 2sec is date when i got clean and sober
  12. I feel you, has gone 6 weeks on saturday, longest time i have been waiting for something so mutch. Wish the time could speed up a bit Wonder if they hang on Fisd. So they could look on what they need to change in there builds. but what i have read and seen not mutch needs modifications.
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