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  1. I just got one too. Good For trooping when blasters are not allowed.
  2. I decided to add LED effects to the Hengstler box and Ammo box LED's. Here's the outcome. I think I'm just about finished with the Arduino programming of it. When it powers up, both boxes LED chase with the sound. Then as ammo is depleted, the ammo box LED's turn off until its empty and they flash when empty. During a weapon change, the Hengstler box LED's flash with the clicking sound then both boxes chase again with the power up sound.
  3. Nothing special really, although I think my belly is about the max you can squeeze into that whole mid section armor.
  4. Here's my finished Heavy F11D (minus the black dot on the ammo box and the stickers). I used the Rustoleum Painterr's Touch 2x gloss white and satin black. I'm in the middle of building a new standard one now and I'm adding the sounds and lights modded from the E11 Arduino project here. Here's my progress on the electronics). I've already changed the weapon-select sound to include a "click-click" then F11D power up sound so you know it changed weapons (in the video it is the same sound for start up, reload and weapon select):
  5. If someone you know has a 3D printer, it's worth printing it out yourself. Less than a $20 roll of PLA will print it. Then, smoothing and painting is the crafty part. There's multiple ways of doing it, XTC 3D coating then sanding and painitng, bondo glaze, sanding, primer, painting, etc... So, you'll probably spend another $60 in paints or coatings, and then you'll need some screw hardware ($12). So you're already halfway to the Etsy guy. But if you're going to build 3 of them for your garrison, it's worth it since the cost doesn't go up very much for multiples. I would think you could e
  6. Got all of the electronics complete now except for the final outside LED's. I've trimmed up and cleaned up my wiring as best I can and now am trying to arrange it to fit somehow inside this cavity! The black part is hollow and it has to go inside it and fit all within what you see. The remaining tube to the rear of the blaster will house the battery. The white left side cavity has to have a speaker also. It's going to be very TIGHT. Just BARELY fits all in there with room for the tiny speaker out the front end (left side)
  7. For a blaster, if you don't want to print your own, these look decent. I think he sells them here too, but I'm not sure. They're not smooth though. You'd have to sand, primer & re paint it to get it really smooth. But it's an option. https://www.etsy.com/listing/245791161/f-11d-blaster-11-scale If you have access to a 3D printer, and willing to spend a lot of time doing it yourself, the print files are available here.
  8. For me, it only shows the left arm available for $120. Everything else is "Not Available".
  9. What should the lights on the Hengstler and the magazine do? I was contemplating making them do something using the Arduino, but I don't know if it matters or makes sense. I've never seen if the lights actually do anything on screen other than glow. I was thinking something like: When switching weapons, flash or chase the three LEDs on the top of the magazine for a visual cue. If Ammo is out, flash the Hengstler LED's. or maybe turn two of them off and leave only one flashing like it's "out", then when you press reload, chase the three led's and make them all solid on again.
  10. I am going to use a Lithium Poly rechargable battery that is perfectly sized and light weight, but needs special charging. So I designed a charging port in the end cap with a thread on D Ring:
  11. I've already built a Heavy version with just lights. Now, I'm building a standard version with lights and sound (maybe I'll go back and add it to my Heavy one). It's based on SkyOne's electronics project for the E11, but I've made a few changes like running it all with two buttons and changing some of the sounds and other small things in the code. I still need to add the LED's for the static red lights on the blaster, then I'll post the final schematic and Arduino code. I'm going to use this acrylic rod to illuminate the barrel (it's not cut down to size yet). Notice the front half of t
  12. Oops... I just realized I'm not done... :/ I still have to light up the static red LED's on the blaster. I might as well use the arduino to drive it too. I'll post my Arduino code and schematic when I'm really finished then. ****EDIT**** To not confuse this thread's purpose with my mods, I'm starting a new build thread for my version here: All further info I create will be posted there.
  13. Okay, I think I'm finished modding this project. I am going to equip a new F-11D Standard Blaster I have 3D Printed with this project modded for use with only TWO buttons (the F-11D has two triggers already) and I have removed the classic guns and replaced some of the sounds. I found some issues with SkyOne's schematic that appear to be errors and have reported them to him, so I won't go into that here. I am NOT using the Hengstler counter at all, so that has been removed from the schematic and the Arduino code. I cleaned up the code to minimize only the functions I am using. He
  14. I'm 5'8" and NOT thin! I'm 195-200lbs wet. Here's what I look like:
  15. In case anyone is interested... I'm trying to fit all this into a F-11D blaster. I'm still in the beginning stages, but I think I've figured out a way to build a charging port into the end cap. I added a recessed port with threads to the white part, and mating threads into the grey D-Ring part so that it can be unscrewed and plugged in to charge my LiPo battery.
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