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  1. Interesting. Makes sense, too. Do you have any sources for the DV and DS prefixes, or is it simply based on reasoning?
  2. I just checked - it's up. Try it again.
  3. Wow! If you manage to pull this off, you will have set a new bar for Awesome Dad.
  4. If by "complete" you mean preassembled ... you can't. As of right now, there are only a handful of kit makers - emphasis on kit. There is no one that sells preassembled costumes - not even Anovos. First off, nothing is automatically 501st approved - it depends in large part on how well the armor is fitted to your body. With some diligence, you might get lucky and come across someone who is selling their completed kit but that kit will have been built for their individual body, which will likely not be the same as yours.
  5. I used red film gel. I have plenty of it left - you're welcome to take a few pieces next time we meet up. Link to my show thread:
  6. I've done it, and had no problems with it. I live in the Washington D.C. area, and it's how I got my helmet to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim back in 2015. I carried it in a motorcycle helmet bag and of course I had to open the bag for inspection when I passed through the Security checkpoint. The TSA agents actually thought it was pretty cool. When I got onto the airplane, I stowed it in the overhead space but I also made sure it wasn't next to someone's heavy carry-on bag so as to avoid it being crushed by shifting baggage. As for the armor (and armor bin) itself, that was shipped via FedEx Ground.
  7. I love seeing this coming together. Glad you are coming out of retirement and I'm looking forward to trooping with you again sometime soon.
  8. I think even water soluble paint leaves a bit of faint staining, although you might be able to polish it out.
  9. Yeah, if you follow the books (and even the movie) the First Order Stormtrooper prefixes are all over the place. While the preponderance of them are FN, you also see FO, TK, JB, and others that I'm not remembering right now depending on which unit they were assigned to. For consistency's sake and to allow for smoother management at the Legion level, best to stick with a single prefix. Since we are stormtroopers, "TK" seems to work the best and it makes clear that we are part of the FISD.
  10. If you want a metal E-11, your best shot at it (no pun intended) is to buy a deactivated Sterling submachine gun outfitted with the correct add-on parts (counter, scope, T-tracks, etc.). Once in a blue moon someone puts one up for sale here. You can also haunt various firearms collector communities, purchase one yourself, and do the conversion. The downside is that it's very expensive, extremely heavy, and you will likely be prohibited from bringing it to many (if not most) troops since it is a formerly operational firearm. So metal E-11s ... great for display, not so much for trooping.
  11. Interesting. How big is it, and where does the needle insert into your body? Any photos?
  12. How are you holding them up? The screen-accurate way is to use a garter belt system - Pencap510 here sells a nice one. Of course they also have to be fitted properly - if they are too roomy then they will want to fall down.
  13. I've used Tapatalk on a regular basis since it was reinstituted following the forum upgrade. I haven't noticed any problems. It really is ideal for uploading photos - they go straight from my mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to the forum in one step without having to use a third-party photosharing host and copy over links.
  14. For high-visibility Disney/LFL events, glamour photos, and other events where I want to look my absolute best I use my Centurion-grade rubber gloves w latex handplates. For everything else (which is 90-95% of my trooping time), I go with nomex gloves and ABS handguards that I wear over the gloves via two elastic straps across each palm.
  15. If you were just standing there like a mannequin, you would look perfect. I love seeing little to no undersuit showing at the knees and thighs. However, since you no doubt expect to be able to walk and stuff (lol), you'll need to trim the tops of the thighs to give you room to actually move. I would take it slow - perhaps an inch at a time until you find a good balance. Know that you'll never do parkour in armor, but you should at least be able to walk comfortably and make your way up and down a staircase. As for return edges, they are nice but not required. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Nope. In TFA she was more of a blackwashed chrome. For TLJ, she appears to be more of a silvery-white chrome.
  17. If you're going to use Phasma as the model in terms of shin and boot armor for Cardinal, something else to consider is that Phasma's shin armor is different in TLJ. For TFA it's as the Visual Guide depicts. From a practical standpoint, that was done to account for Gwen Christie's atypical height - the screen FOTKs ranged from 5'8" to 6' tall whereas Gwen Christie is 6'3". Hence the extra material at the ankles. For TLJ, the costume designers seem to have taken that into account and produced a set of shins to accommodate her longer legs. Now, her shins look a lot more like a typical trooper - spats and all.
  18. Are you already on the preorder list for the Anovos kit? If so, then assuming they come through with their scheduled deliveries then you may as well stick it out with them, especially if KB is having supplier problems with his white ABS. I would caution with Anovos that it seems the yoke area will need to be modified in order to meet basic 501st acceptance standards (seamless yoke). That is based on the photos we've seen coming out of New York Comic Con last weekend. Still, it seems like it would be less work than putting together a KB kit. But then again, none of the Anovos standard kits have shipped yet, so we just don't know for sure what it will take to assemble them into a wearable costume.
  19. WOW! It's going to be a great winter (or summer if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) for the Legion and for fans in particular.
  20. The paint being scuffed off of the ab buttons is common - and screen accurate. For the longest time I had no idea how I was ending up with blue scuffs on my inner right forearm, until it finally hit me that whenever I carry my blaster in a low position my forearm is perfectly positioned to rub against the ab buttons. Hence the blue markings. If you want, you can pack your kit in your bin such that the ab buttons are protected by a piece of cloth or something. Otherwise, just keep a supply of the correct paint handy and be prepared to do frequent touch ups.
  21. We've gotten a bunch of requests so far, some more favorable than others. Seems that with the big corporate chains (AMC, Paragon, etc.) they are enforcing a strict "no helmets / no blasters rule. As far as I'm concerned, that pretty much rules out everything save for Imperial / First Order officers and variants of such. The smaller, independently-run theaters are giving us a lot more leeway. So far no costume restrictions from them. Also, they seem to be much more appreciative of our supporting them, and they show it via comp'd tickets, nice changing areas, etc.
  22. Lots of good stuff. A little disappointed that we didn't see more of the Executioner Stormtrooper, but not enough to keep me from watching it over and over again.
  23. Assuming you are successful in doing that, how do you see getting it on? With no hinge and little-to-no flex, it's hard to imagine how you would actually pull it on over your head and getting your arms through the sleeve openings.
  24. I say go for it. Someone has to be the first, and we've certainly seen stormtrooper costumes based on comic book characters - the Legacy stormtrooper comes to mind.
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