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  1. So I've got some red balloon lights to put in the clip and the counter parts, they seem like they'll work great for that once I decide how to affix them... but I'm wondering about how people are diffusing the light. It seems like the three bars should illuminate like a solid red block, rather than just being three holes through which we see LEDs. Has anyone had any good method for making that look a little more professional?
  2. Bolt Depot WAS great. They sent me exactly the hardware I needed, in a timely fashion, and they even put each type of screw in a separate baggie, clearly labelled with the measurements and number of screws, and they even grouped the little baggies in numerical order in the envelope! That made assembly a breeze, so I highly recommend them for anyone else in need of the 11D hardware pieces.
  3. Bolt Depot seems great! I found everything pretty easily and placed an order... thanks so much for the suggestion! I'd tried Googling stuff on my own, but the first four or five stores I checked were useless unless I wanted to spend hundreds ordering everything in bags of a thousand, so I really appreciate the help.
  4. I've got a great 3D printed kit for the rifle, other than that I'm missing the hardware pieces. Living in the US, I'm finding the various metric screws a real pain to source. I can find similar screws, but Lowe's doesn't actually list the head-size of the screws, Home Depot just doesn't have them, and everywhere else only sells them in the thousands. Does anyone have a good source for getting the screws I need for the F-11D in reasonable (or even specific!) quantities?
  5. It occurs to me, as I toy with this concept for my own suit, that there's no reason to put the clasps on the inside of the suit. If the socket/clasps go on the outside, it should be a little more comfortable, and yet still hidden by the thermal detonator. I'd been contemplating this without clasps, and just putting the magnetic connections on the TD, but in my early attempts, it's been awkward to get it to close right, lining up the TD on my back. This approach with the clasps should provide a guiding mechanism to overcome that awkwardness, and maybe let me use the same magnetic
  6. So it looks like, after scanning through a bunch of screenshots, the only clear reference to the 5-point setup is the guy on the left, who actually has 7 sets of holes, but only three sewn in. The guys in the carbon freeze scene may have 5 sets of holes sewn in, or it may just be I'm seeing the same suit with the extra holes, but I can't find a shot clear enough to be sure... nor anything to establish anything for the others. There are some behind-the-scenes photos of the group sitting on some stairs, but I haven't found one clear enough to make a positive call on the handplates. There does
  7. I understand where the five sets of holes are, according to 501st enthusiasts... I even found shots of the one guy who seems to have five sets of holes... what I haven't found are shots of a TK with all five holes sewn down, or for that matter, more than just the one particularly battered trooper who has the set of five instead of the set of three that appears to be all the others have. I can even understand how, at a trooping event, having the plates be more secure would be desirable. I just haven't seen support for it in production photos of the troopers. I'm already in the 501st, so I
  8. No. To be honest, I don't understand the 'build thread' concept. When I have questions, they're part specific, so I post part specific threads. I did so earlier (you posted in it), but it hasn't gotten much response. I don't really see why I would post pictures of, for example, the same helmet everyone else is doing when it doesn't help me or anyone else to look at that again when the real discussion I'm interested in reading is all hand plate related. There was discussion here, complete with references, so I hopped in on it, but I don't mean to derail the thread so everyone is welcom
  9. I took his comment on 'different shapes' to mean they were cut out differently. While the mold appears to be the same, the cut of the outer edge appears pretty distinct on all of them. Also, does anyone have any better understanding of this 'star pattern' thing in the CRL? So far, it looks like most of them have two loops sewn in at the top, and then two loops on either side of the wrist... other than the guy who has a lot of extra holes, I haven't seen more than that in a screenshot, and his handplate's extra holes weren't sewn down. Nothing appears to be star shaped.
  10. Very helpful images... thanks for posting those. It looks like at least the more arcuate ridge on the handplate always faces the pinky, and the straighter one the thumb, but otherwise they don't seem very consistent in the cut or attachment.
  11. Research is the worst... it always just turns up more problems! The gentlemen at the link above, as well as others I've seen, set up the gloves like this: Note the more arcuate curve is nearest the thumb, and the placement of the holes. That curvature seemed awkward to me, so I wanted to doublecheck it, and sure enough I came across this: Note on the left hand trooper that the more arcuate curve faces the pinky, rather than the thumb... but also note the plethora of holes. It looks like he has 7 pairs of holes drilled into the handplate, but on three pair of holes have thread
  12. Looks like there's some discussion in the build thread here, in case anyone else was wondering: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/33467-team-armor-build-ne-esb-in-northern-california/?p=440971
  13. I'm looking at doing the satin gloves with the plates sewn on, because why not. I've seen the pattern of the holes, since someone helpfully posted that earlier, but someone else also mentioned that it was a major pain to sew them together. Is there any advice out there for getting these set up that way? Are there pics of how big the holes are, and how thick the thread running through them is supposed to be? Any advice on that setup would be welcome.
  14. The clone is ok... the gauntlets look a bit big, which I think highlights the problem that will be inherent to any sort of 'finished' clone costume they sell. Since the clone armor is made from seamless pieces, the only way it could work is to make the armor baggy enough to fit a wide-array of customers. I'm guessing the default legs will look a bit like Bermuda shorts. Making a clone costume fit like it does on screen requires some careful planning and lots of Bondo and sanding. I'm curious about how they'll do the chest though. If the clone is sold as a kit, like the TK will be, it c
  15. Well, looking through screenshots, I can find a couple where it looks like the notch is present on the left thigh, but I've never seen it on the right. It's hard to tell if it's present asymmetrically, but since there were only so many actual suits, my guess is that the notch was only on the left side.
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