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  1. Hey everyone! Ive just gotten an update from Dave. Looking about 4 to 5 weeks and my kit will be here. Ive already ordered my neck seal, boots, undersuit so just waiting for it to come in!!!
  2. Thanks for the replies! @TK-28046 I've been through Quito before! Beautiful country and beautiful city!
  3. Comfort, Imperial Boots 421's Thanks!
  4. im planning on getting insoles for my trooping boots. With that being said, what insoles do you all use/prefer?
  5. I havent gotten membership yet, however I sent over some $$!
  6. *****Update***** Hey yall, just wanted to update everyone. I placed my order with Dave on a full commission build!
  7. Greetings everyone! It has been a very longtime goal of mine to be able to join the 501st. The reality has finally come full circle and I am at the cusp of attaining my set and applying for membership. I will be ordering a Full Commission build from Daves Darkside Depot. After treating and transporting numerous COVID-19 patients over the last 8 weeks (I'm a flight paramedic), I have decided that I need something to keep me sane. I am extremely interested in the charity work that the 501st offers and will thoroughly enjoy being apart of that (as long as I am accepted). I really look forward to meeting you all in the coming days/months! You guys and gals are amazing.
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