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  1. Thanks guys, didn't realise there was a separate one for clones. The plan is to do a sandie or shadow trooper one day too, so ill post when i get round to those.
  2. Before I go on to my armour build thought id post a few pictures of my recent work. Its all 3d printed and painted by myself, but the files came from galactic armoury. After this the plan is to build a complete republic commando armour. Looking for any comments, tips or criticism you might have. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the help and info! I'll be sure to check out uk garrison this week too, thanks Dan.
  4. I am now using Imgur on your advice, and everything is sorted and working correctly. Photos added to my T-21 build thread. thanks for that!
  5. Thanks for that I'll check it out. Tbh I think I'll look to buy in the uk anyway as I forgot about the additional cost of import tax when I purchased from Anovos. Reading on here RS and TM may be the way to go?
  6. Morning all, Can you help me - I have reached the attachment limit, but also uploaded the wrong photos as the files were to big. I cant find an option to delete . Can someone guide me please, or is it possible for admin to delete the photos so i can start again. Thank you in advance.
  7. Like a lot of us I have had more time on my hands than usual lately. So after stumbling across Pandatroopers plans for a T-21 light repeating blaster I thought I'd give it a go. The biggest problem I had was purchasing materials as most suppliers around here are currently closed. So I realised I was going to have to make it from anything I had lying around the garage or work. Being in the construction industry this wasnt too difficult. The pine timber and plastic pipe were easy to find but the only plastic sheeting I could find was an old shed window. Using all this and some old aluminium strips I had lying around I got to work. The whole build took 2 weekends and the evenings in between. Unfortunately I didnt take many photos early on but lesson learned for when I build another. After looking at some of the great builds on here, I think I need to up my game next time but I dont think the result is bad for the time it took to build.
  8. I've been reading posts on here for a while now and thought it was time I got involved. I've loved Star was since I first saw ANH and thought stormtroopers were the coolest thing ever (like everyone else on here no doubt). I'm planning on building my first armour at the nearest opportunity and when cash flow allows it. I've checked out options from RS and am considering a purchase but after buying a shadow trooper bucket from Anovos about a 18 months ago I'm wondering if it's possible to buy just the armour from another supplier that would match, to save cash. Anovos dont seem to offer this option anymore. I know buying buckets and armour separately isnt ideal. Also due to having more time on my hands lately I have 90% completed a T-21 build and wondered where best to post it. Unfortunately I didnt think to take photos until half way through but I'm sure i will build another soon and document it all. Any help would be much appreciated.
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