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  1. Welcome fellow new recruit! Stay strong and safe out there!
  2. Thanks for the friendly welcome, forgot to mention I am from Canada (Saskatoon) and have reached out to the Badlands Garrison as well. One question I forgot, any advise on getting the wife a little more on board with this?
  3. Hello Troopers! I am currently going through a mid-life crisis and decided I want to be a Stormtrooper so here I am... Okay that is only about half true, mid-life yes, crisis no. I've been interested in the 501st since I found out about it years ago. Like many of you I'm sure, I have put off getting involved because of other adult things like food, shelter, kids, etc. Well I think I am getting close to ordering my kit so I thought I would become more active on the site. I can already see years worth of tips and advice I want to go through so if you are a contributor, Thanks!! My plan is to order the untrimmed AP kit and go slow. Thanks for so many resourses! Until later, from the Great White North, take care and be safe! Scott
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