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  1. Thanks, thats great info! I ordered an AP kit. Which helmet will that have?
  2. Newbie here getting ready to start my first build. MY question is what are the main differences between a stunt build and a hero build and why would someone select one or the other? Is it simply a preference for one or another? Thnaks in advance!
  3. I just ordered an ap kit. I know I am going to have to shim it a bit, but I think it is the best option available for me. I Will start a build thread once everything arrives. I will look forward to hearing everyone's feedback once I get started! Thanks TK 6818 for the awesome build tutorial. I Am sure it will come in very handy!
  4. I am 6' 200 lbs. Do you think AP would fit? It looks like it is desgned for smaller people.
  5. If that were my only problem, I'd be in good shape! Thanks for the link.
  6. So I am going to return this and do it right. How do I pick the right kit for my body? I know I need to trim whatever I get, but want to start with the right foundation. BTW, I am 5'11" and 190-200lbs depending upon the time of year Also looking for the easiest first build.
  7. Here is my fist time throwing it on and having no idea what I am doing. Fit is terrible! I do have the knee pieces, but havent installed them.
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. I am told that this is a Trooper Gear kit formerly known as Armor FX. Think it will be salvagable?
  9. I am having a bit of trouble finding any FX "build" topics. I really don't know where to even start with respect to making alterations.
  10. Here is a bit of background: Always loved star wars, and growing up, a friend of my mom's had a storm trooper helmet that I used to try on every time we visited. I got the bug early on and I have the money, so I popped for a premade suit not really knowing any better. My time is very limited at this point in life, and my immediate goal is to be able to wear and use the suit and slowly make improvements to the point that it is more comfortable and screen accurate. My goal is not to be "approved" just to make the suit better and better over time. I am definitely a tinkerer and like to build things. The first thing I really need to do is adjust the thighs and forearms as I can't even bend my knees at this point.
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