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  1. Back in college drinking in my friends' dorm room passed a lot of time. One night, way passed the point of inebriation, I fell on my back and struggled to get up. So my friend then dubbed me "The drunken turtle." 84 just happens to be the year I was brought onto this planet.
  2. This would be so nice if it passed
  3. Thanks for posting these! As I'm currently building a TKC these pics will come in handy
  4. Right. I'm stuck with an apartment and nosey neighbors. Might borrow your taping idea for fitting
  5. I was quite curious about whether or not I should leave some of the return edge on the armor. I was kind of hoping to get away with trimming down all of the return edge on all pieces..should I rethink it?
  6. Glad to see more TKC's in the works!
  7. <slaps forehead> Thanks Sean! Any advice on joining the two pieces together?
  8. This is going to sound a little lazy of me but I was thinking about how I am going to approach this build. My first thoughts when researching and researching was to go straight to EIB (ROTJ) style armor. Well then I thought about it and went ahead and ordered a set of AM armor which is more of ANH style. I did this because I thought maybe I was being a little too ambitious, especially with it being a first time build. Last night however I thought maybe I could do a mix and match type deal. I would ask this on the 501st forums but I don't seem to have access at the moment so I thought I would ask here. I was thinking about trimming the return edge off of the chest, back, ab, and kidney pieces so I would be able to put the stripping on as in ROTJ. However I was thinking about keeping the kidney and butt piece seperate so that would probably involve more stripping. Also, unless I find a spare ab button piece that is ROTJ I am going to have to use what I have availble, again it's ANH. So to sum this up, is it ok to have a mix of ROTJ and ANH and have it 501 approved?
  9. After months of waiting the day has finally come. Here are a couple pics of the armor lined up. I only showed the front portions of the armor as my apartment living room is really small and my dog was eyeballing the rest of the armor: Another angle: Was fooling around and decided to see what it was like to wear some of the armor with the helmet. I now know why you guys say it's very hard to see where your going: Be prepared guys to be bombarded with questions
  10. Brian, Do you know if Marty has any more pics of this build?
  11. I've been wearing mine here and there and haven't had any problems with them.
  12. Ok, so my RT-MOD ears came in today and I had a question about placement. I may have answered my question already but I wanted to double check. Are the ears meant for left and right placement or can they be put on either side. In the picture I have what I believe to be the left ear piece on the left side and the right ear piece on the right side. (Shout out to Rob, Thank you!) Comments/suggestions?
  13. My only question about the lycra diving suit is how would I go about figuring out sizing. I can't seem to locate a sizing chart on the website. Any suggestions?
  14. Not too worried about the straight edges. Just wondering how I'm going to add the slight curviture on the ab and chest piece
  15. Ok, I have to ask and please forgive my noobiness. Return edge...what is it and can I get a visual reference?
  16. Thanks for posting this great info! It's great to see a build by a "mechanically un-inclined" person like myself. I have ordered my AM kit and am currently waiting for that big brown box. This thread, along side "Dave's Garage" on youtube is putting my mind at ease about the build.
  17. Very interested to see how this all turns out. Will be watching for sure
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