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  1. Back in college drinking in my friends' dorm room passed a lot of time. One night, way passed the point of inebriation, I fell on my back and struggled to get up. So my friend then dubbed me "The drunken turtle." 84 just happens to be the year I was brought onto this planet.
  2. This would be so nice if it passed
  3. Thanks for posting these! As I'm currently building a TKC these pics will come in handy
  4. Right. I'm stuck with an apartment and nosey neighbors. Might borrow your taping idea for fitting
  5. I was quite curious about whether or not I should leave some of the return edge on the armor. I was kind of hoping to get away with trimming down all of the return edge on all pieces..should I rethink it?
  6. Glad to see more TKC's in the works!
  7. If you haven't already check out the Stormtrooper Commander section on the forum: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showforum=39 I just started my Stormtrooper Commander so if you have any questions, ask away!
  8. <slaps forehead> Thanks Sean! Any advice on joining the two pieces together?
  9. This is going to sound a little lazy of me but I was thinking about how I am going to approach this build. My first thoughts when researching and researching was to go straight to EIB (ROTJ) style armor. Well then I thought about it and went ahead and ordered a set of AM armor which is more of ANH style. I did this because I thought maybe I was being a little too ambitious, especially with it being a first time build. Last night however I thought maybe I could do a mix and match type deal. I would ask this on the 501st forums but I don't seem to have access at the moment so I thought I would ask here. I was thinking about trimming the return edge off of the chest, back, ab, and kidney pieces so I would be able to put the stripping on as in ROTJ. However I was thinking about keeping the kidney and butt piece seperate so that would probably involve more stripping. Also, unless I find a spare ab button piece that is ROTJ I am going to have to use what I have availble, again it's ANH. So to sum this up, is it ok to have a mix of ROTJ and ANH and have it 501 approved?
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