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  1. Good man! Can't get hold of the centurion patch myself though! Marc
  2. Well done mate! Eib and centurion not far away! Marc
  3. Congratulations mate. Well deserved! Now get those patches and rockers ordered! Marc
  4. Yeah. Line up the bottom of the left, and top of the right. Marc
  5. Yeah. There should be no return edge at the wrist end [emoji106] Marc
  6. If you use your phone, download the Tapatalk app and post images easily! Marc
  7. It's just foam and felt really, along with black crafting foam lining the inside [emoji2] Marc
  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the ranks trooper!!!! Marc
  9. Hi Darren. Don't know about the USB set up, I have mine in the recess at the back of my lid running of the AA's. I think I read somewhere that some use a rechargeable 9v battery too??? Here's mine Marc
  10. Hi Rob, are your biceps attached to the bells via elastic and poppers? If so, if you un pop them, do the top of the bells pull in closer? If that's a yes then it's not about reducing the bell to shoulder elastic. But, slightly increasing the bell to bicep elastic if that makes sense? Also, han hooks can pull the bell out Marc
  11. The knee ammo plate middle box should line up with the cover strip. An easy fix bud! Marc
  12. Joseph is a star! You can't go wrong wrong there! Marc
  13. Yes, black TD screws. Some do use split rivets which won't affect centurion applications as far as I'm aware. However, the ideal option would be single cap ones as long as the heads are the sizes posted above, you should be good to go....not sure if you have this info but will post the knee ammo measurements below. Marc
  14. Knee ammo belt. The middle box should sit level with the bottom of the front cover strip. Single capped rivets were used to secure at either side then a blob of e6000 secured the front to the thigh Hope this helps. Marc
  15. Here's another shot of my Centurion clearence pics buddy. You can use this for refference when fitting the belt. Marc
  16. Makes sense mate! I didn't have any so worked with what I had. The boy has "lost" a lot of pens of late....well, I needed the springs! Marc
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