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  1. Thanks for the help, I still have to make some trimming adjustments on my arms, but i finally attached the shoulder to the bicep, and it already fits much better. I'm currently working on the Ab/kidney and posterior. What ive noticed is that the 3 back pieces are supposed to be pretty close together, if not touching, but mine seem like they will be several inches apart. I am a tall guy, but im not THAT tall, and i've seen people in Anovos, much taller than me, make it work. Is there anything i can do to decrease these gaps? I also can't seem to find any taller troopers build
  2. Thanks! What about the return edge, after i cut that out? Should i be worried about creating a new return edge?
  3. Armor still in progress, but heres a pic of some test fitting. I noticed that my arm movement is very limited and ive seen storm troopers fit into their armor much better. It seems like the problems are coming from the biceps blocking the forearms from moving freely. Anyone have any fixes? The thing is, im 6'3 and ive been Trying to cut everything as long as possible...
  4. Thank you everyone for the help. I seemed to have resolved the problem. I cut off almost all of the return edge on the bells, which cut passed the cracks. The cracks are gone with no more repair required. This also fixes my bending problem, as the bells are much more flexible with out the return edge I'll post pictures later
  5. I mean.. could i just take off the Return edges? Thanks for the info, its not that my arms are too big, its that the RS prop shoulder bells are VERY thin. I couldnt see these fitting anyone. Ive also seen smaller RS owners having to stretch their shoulder bells
  6. Alright... issue. I was trying to stretch out my shoulder bells because they are very thin, and they tore on both sides... so i have 2 issues. The shoulder bells have tares, and they are still too thin too fit my bicep armor Any fixes for both issues? Cracked shoulder bell https://imgur.com/gallery/1Oz0n
  7. So. As far as i can tell, the return edge is only removed on the wrist. Im still trying to figure out what piece goes where.... is this inner forearm the left or the right?
  8. This may seem like a dumb question.. but im having a hard time finding information on where i am supposed to cut off access armor near the return edges. More specifically which pieces need a return edge and which can i lob it off.
  9. EDIT: I ment to post this in the build thread forum. Maybr a mod can move it.. Hey guys I just received my RS Prop Masters Stormtrooper kit with a completed helmet! I will be mostly posting in this thread to make sure that im doing things right! I did notice that some of the armor might be a stretch to fit on me, as im 6'3. Has anyone had an issue fitting into the armor at that height? Thanks, and i cant wait to get started
  10. I'm still waiting for my scope to come in the mail, so I'm finishing up the rest of the body. I used modeling clay to fix up the seam on the fold out stock. I re-re-painted the handle with a new gloss that i purchased, and then weathered that.
  11. Repainted the body, and added some weathering
  12. Thanks for the help. Yes it is a Doopydoos resin Pipe build. I just finished repainting the body and adding some weathering. I have to wait for my scope and scope rail to come in the mail, so i think im pretty much done for now. Are the power cylinders a requirement for Lvl 1 501st approval? I can't seem to find anyone selling power cylinders that are less than $50. Im just looking for some resin ones.
  13. That's a possibility. I'm not very skilled in spray painting, but i tried to shake it up as much as possible before spraying it. I even let it sit in some warm water.
  14. Thanks, the paint I used may have been a year or 2 old, Maybe that has something to do with it. It was painted and dried at room temperature.
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