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  2. Ok. Today’s the day. I will be starting torso assembly and helmet assembly today. I especially want to thank Al Tong TK-76239 of the Great Lakes Garrison. He has let me examine his armor a couple times and answered questions and put me in contact with a couple experts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Rhys, welcome aboard!!, glad you found your way here. Plenty of armour to choose from, but as has been pointed out, Shepperton needs some work to look accurate. RS, AP, ATA are some other makes and all are good. These can be found on our vetted armourers list I have built plenty of armour so reach out to me on here or our Redback forums once your kit arrives and I'll give you a hand.
  4. I think if a building novice like myself was able to put together multiple kits, anyone should be able to learn! Check out your local garrison as well for armor build parties and other helps; the hands on help can make a world of difference! Plus there's tons tons tons of guides and walkthrough here in FISD to help Welcome aboard!
  5. Hi Jelle, and welcome to FISD from your neighbours to the east good luck with the changes, and if you need any help concerning anything, we're all happy to help! Tot ziens
  6. While I wait for some glue to dry I decided to check the thermal detonator length. Somewhere I got my numbers off and the length is 10mm longer than I expected. So out comes the knife and I take 5mm off each end. Then I tried to hot bath the middle panel but could not seem to make it relax. At one point the heat let it curl in more which was opposite of what I wanted. After a lot more slow and careful tries I got it back to starting point and decided that was enough for today.
  7. Progress!! Let me know what you all think. https://imgur.com/gallery/jKtVdtq
  8. I think this one wasn't commented here This one lost his drop box aswell, same as the button at the end of the belt, no balaclava...curious
  9. I think i found another trooper that "dropped one of his drop boxes" in the runaway from the attack at ANH end
  10. Doh!! Must learn to read properly before I type things!! Hehe
  11. Lol, It’s Brian, but I’ve been called a lot worse. Thanks Dan
  12. Have fun at the event and looking forward seeing you all kitted up
  13. No worries, James. I’m really pleased that it’s helpful. I’ll keep an eye on your build thread and help if I can. :-)
  14. Thank you Dan! I’ll post a pic of my bucket tomorrow showing it’s progress.
  15. So while I’m trying to work out what to do with the helmet I started trimming the forearms I am not feeling so confident on this build
  16. Here are some pics of the side
  17. Dan, thank you sooo much for posting your detailed build. It has been/is incredibly helpful and is giving me the confidence to just dive into my ANH Stunt armor build. I am also going for Centurion level and have been building very slowly trying to make sure everything is perfect. Thanks again .
  18. Cant say I've ever had issues with fans that had a strong smell and I have used 100's of them over the years in my fan kits. I think if you just let them air on your work bench or desk for a week or so they should be good. Look forward to seeing your build underway.
  19. Yay Brad great to see you here!! You're correct there should be no return edge on the wrist side. The elbow side is up to you for comfort/looks. As you've said, start conservative - you can always trim off more. Re hovi tips, my WTF kit came with them including the mesh screen - might be worth messaging them to ask if maybe they just forgot to include them?
  20. Welcome, Andrew! I use motorcycle helmet padding. I personally find fans essential, but I do know folks who troop without them. I'm also in the GGG so looking forward to meeting you!
  21. Thank you for the responses, I will wait for my armor to arrive to make any big decisions. Although I think the star foam looks like a good option. I guess it’s just time to be patient (and keep obsessively researching and reading build threads and eib / centurion applications) I am excited to join the Golden Gate Garrison as well
  22. Hi Guys, Before Christmas I purchased a used set of RS Props PVC ANH armour from a member of my garrison with the intention of turning it into ESB TK. I have long been a fan of ESB TK's and used to have a Snowy. My first approved costume was a TK ten years ago, so have come full circle. I have finished this build and am going to trial it at an event tomorrow and get some approval photos taken as well. Here's a photo of the helmet completed once I removed the ANH paint job and added the ESB decals and black frown. I am really loving this kit. I love how the helmet has the old bumps and imperfections from the originals. Also being PVC the armor is so light and durable. I will post some photos of the full armour when I have them. Cheers
  23. Mark is shipping my armour on Tuesday! I just ordered my boots from Imperial Boots. Everything is starting to come together.
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