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  2. Absolutely nothing - great work Just a little something though, in these pics the biceps look a bit big at the elbow. I would also place the shoulder straps ”a bump” forward to get more clearence in the back.
  3. Another question I have is, why do you cut out the chest vent and is it absolutely necessary?
  4. I have started hitting the parts with filler primer, this way I can see better all the areas and pin holes that need to corrected. I let the primer cure for 24 hours before starting to go over with the glaze and spot putty. From here I will let it dry for another 24 hours and then start to wet sand with 400 grit.
  5. For the helmet I actually just wet sanded with 400 grit, let it dry and then hit with some filler primer. Got some areas that will need some glazing and spot putty before moving forward. A question I did have about the black on the helmet, is it gloss or matte? I have been seeing both ways on builds, and need some clarification.
  6. Newly approved TK from the North East Remnant, New Jersey.
  7. Here are the before and after pics of the bicep armor. Had to make cuts one side of each bicep and cut out the pill holes. I will also need to fill in one side of the diamond for each.
  8. Hello everyone, I recently got my hands on a full set of Jimmi's FOTK armor and helmet. The kicker is......it's v1! Lots of work ahead of me to make this thing look good. The armor and helmet were painted but I think it might have been painted with two different brands of white. The armor appears to be an off white and does not match the helmet. There was also no surface prep done before painting, so the first thing I started with was stripping the paint.
  9. Hey guys so I worked out a solution for holding down the shins... I saddle-stitched a length of elastic with a rectangle of leather to the front of each boot with a little webbing grab loop and a snap. Super easy to snap into the front of my shins before I close the shins in back. So we took a bunch of photos - what's stopping me from putting this in for app? Thanks all!
  10. TI-79179 requesting 501st access. Cant remember if I've already done this. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24494
  11. Hello all. After earning my wings as a Tie Pilot (two years to the day ago) and then sliding on over to Gunner I’m happy to say I have finished my Storm Trooper and have been approved as a TK. I’m proud to be a part of this group and can’t wait to serve the Empire for many hours in my nice white armor. When I figure out how to get pictures under the 2mb limit I will share some from my first troop. I created an IG account documenting some of my build and will update on the regular with pictures there. Check me out @TK_17422
  12. hey troopers, so a little update on the shims, to be honest they are an absolute pain in the but, at the moment here are some pictures of what they look like at the moment heres a pic of what they look like up close so as you can see i have made some progress of them, but every time i add a layer and sand it there is always these little craters on it and i do not know if i have to keep sanding until the whole thing is smooth or until there is no sign of a seam, also ones i finish with it, what is the best way to blend it with the armor, paint it or polish it
  13. Been a long week, with a family member having a heart attack and not having a day off since last Wednesday and yesterday being my day off, I gotten some stuff done. Minor stuff. I was going to go to my first armor party, but with my future mother in law having a heart attack and my fiancé dad having a triple degree temperature, there’s very little I can do. But here’s the minor things I did on my day off. Did some repairs on my biceps. I took some material off by mistake a long time ago, so I fixed it. (Somebody recommended what grits to use while sanding down ABS paste to a smooth touch?) Also rounded the coverstrips, didn’t like my angle cuts, looked like crap. Heres what they looked like before... I plan to dismantle the left arm, add the new cover strips, and repair my bicep. Yesterday purchased my boots and accurate straps from “Imperial Boots.” That will take four weeks to come in. That gives me time to get all the arms and thighs done minus shins, will wait when boots come in. In the meantime. Back to it before seeing Avengers today! One more to add, the clamshell handguards, tutorial how to cut them properly?
  14. Hooray, another AM build! I swear, we're taking over! A.J.
  15. TR 56585 requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28962
  16. HI Linz... Great build, and it's always super to see another set of AM armor joining the upper ranks! One thing you might want to address is those two snaps on the extended portion of the Butt Plate. AM has this trimmed leaving a long extension, and a lot of AM builders (myself included) have made the error of locating the two snaps there. Personally, I preferred it that way -- it made grabbing and snapping that snap easier, as the rear snaps were closer to the front because of that narrow extension. However, it's not screen accurate so a suggested trim is to do away with that extension all together: Yeah, that's a photo from my build where I made the same mistake. I can't recall if that's a deal-breaker for EIB, but it certainly will be for Centurion if you choose to pursue that. (And you will, of course...) Good luck snagging that EIB Certificate! A.J.
  17. Gotcha. Or I could go Hero as well but another canvas belt would be needed. Food for thought. And now that you mention it I remember reading a thread on someone making the cheesegraters. I suppose I could keep the sandy parts for the day the kit gets really banged up.
  18. @The5thHorseman Hopefully this version does the trick
  19. いいね! うまくいけば、彼はあなたがあなたの提出を終えるのに必要な情報を手に入れるのを手伝うことができます。 あなたのイベントで楽しんでください!
  20. Yeah getting a kit from either TM or RS with a holster and strapping kit would be about the same as the cost of the SDS. The blaster would be extra and I’ve heard of Australien customs not liking blasters but Q could answer that better @gmrhodes13
  21. みなさん、 教えてくれてありがとうございます。 返信が遅くなって、ごめんなさい。 私は明日イベントでBrianと会う予定なので、その時に彼に尋ねます。 Thank you for teaching me. And sorry for late reply. I will meet Brian at the event tomorrow, so ask him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Thanks for the reply Daniel. The prices I listed are the full build including shipping. I never really considered doing the build myself but I suppose I could look into it a bit more, especially if it saves me money and I get a better quality item.
  23. Hey Scott and welcome to FISD Just asking, is the prices for TM and RS to do the build for you or are the shipping that expensive? It´s not that hard, it really isn´t I promise, to build it yourself. SDS is cool, in my opinion, based on only one thing, you get armor made were the original suits were pulled (unless they mass-produce somewhere else) But that´s it. Beeing your lifelong dream I can´t stress enough that you should not get the SDS, you will not be happy with it in the long term unless for said reason and I still don´t recommend it But the most important advise is to do what you want and the things that makes you happy
  24. I tried to delete the sideways pics but it won't let me. The sideways pics were straight until I posted them. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  25. G'day everyone. New to the forums and have just started the process of signing up with my local Garrison in Australia. So I have decided to finally fulfill a lifelong dream and take the plunge and buy a set of Stormtrooper armor. I have read a lot of the great info you guys have posted over the years and made contact with a few builders. Troopermaster and RS Props are the two that stand out, both looking great and and excellent customer service. However this set of armor that I plan on purchasing is going to be primarily for display purposes, with the chance of trooping a few years down the track if I'm lucky (young family etc) To have a set shipped to Australia is around $2700-$2900AUD ($1700-$2000USD) So out of curiosity I checked SDS (que collective groans) and to have a set shipped is almost $1000 cheaper. $1800AUD ($1250USD) So my question after this hugely long winded post and appreciation for sticking with me this far is... For armor that will be primarily displayed, do I go the cheaper route with SDS and cross the fix it up bridge if/when I apply to do trooping? Or do I pay the extra for a better quality set now on the off chance I get to troop one day? Thanks for taking the time to help! Cheers Scott.
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