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1:1 Droideka, yep that what I'm building!


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Have still been on it a little at a time. No pics yet, soon though. Thanks for the continued interest. I can't wait. Still no leg movement though. It's always $ and this project comes last according to the other half :rolleyes: Thank Mathew

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So this is the most detailed pick of one I could find, from what I understand, this is only a model and does not function (Move).I know according to Wookipidia they are exactly 6' tall so my work is the one in this pic scaled at 2.71 from a poster size I had made.


The following is the begginning of the drawing process.


Afterwards these were drawn in coreldraw and autocad 2006 for machining of the main leg parts.




So I finally got my sets of armor complete where I like them and could troop anytime. As a mechanical engineer, when I chose this I knew I would be in a field I would have to learn on my own, electrical engineering tongue.gif yuk, but not too horrible. The following oic started last oct when our movers still had our stuff so I scaled a life size one to past the time.


I then proceeded to gather parts in town and on the net to meet the requirements for a self autonomized Droideka. Yes mobile.


No rolling uo into a ball just yet. Maye once I'm over the mound of trouble with walking Vs Balance with three legs.


The main legs are prototyped out of foam, bondo, and magic sculpt.


The main body is layered fiberglass cloth and matting in layer totalling a 0.25 in thickness.


The 18" diameter plastic sphere was layered in sections, then areas were removed so the structure would still be stable'


MModing and scaling the lower soins guts are proving to be very difficult but not impossible.


This was where I stopped last week. Since then I have started putting together the gears for shoulder movement in the legs which does consist of all directions.

Everyone was making R2, so I wanted to build a functional droideka, not RC, but with a TechFX micro controller and Pololu motor controllers. Further update as this starts to come together more. Let me knoiw what you think. I haven't posted in awhile as right after the move I began this secret project. Muhahahah. lol Mathew


Or at least stalled for updates to us.

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