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    Computer gaming mainly, but recently, having gotten my numbers I am loving trooping and helping out other members/recruits/cadets as much as I can.


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  1. I personally believe it is an O2 can. As Dizzy said, all troopers in space had them and troopers on planets didn't. Endor is the exception but given the majority of those troopers would have been recently transferred to the planet to trap the rebels it makes sense they would still have them, as they were originally stationed in space.
  2. Mate you don't need to worry about anything like that. People see FX armour and think 'OMG STORMTROOPER' so you will definitely be fine in RS.
  3. Well there will always be the issue of making sure that the armour fits you properly and looks proper on you. It's the fit more than the details. Ready-to-wear armour (even RS) is not going to be 100% approved and EIB ready out of the box. Only minor tweaking would be needed, I am sure, but don't expect it to be that easy. PVC is thicker and therefore loses some detail but not much. PVS is way better for trooping as it is stronger. Depends if you are going for authenticity or troopability. From the sound of the OP you would be better off going with ABS as that is what the originals were made of. ABS still stands up to a lot of abuse, and is more 'authentic' which is what you were looking for yeah?
  4. And he struggles with it. A mate of mine just used a rubber mallet to 'soften up' his holster and it is a lot smoother now. It isn't as tight and the blaster slides in and out much easier.
  5. Nice! I have wanted to do one of these since starting I watch the series, but I cat justify the expense at the moment. Yours looks quite good though.
  6. I used a pair of Vario pliers off of eBay. They don't work well at all if you use them to set the whole snap. I ended up half setting it with them, and then using the hammer and setting tool to softly finish it off without bending the post.
  7. I have been plagued with the same issue on my AM bells ever since I put my armour together. It apparently has something to do with connecting the tw bells with a length of elastic along the back o your neck, and making sure that it is taut. Allegedly this forces them to rotate forward. I never got to make that work though.
  8. Haha these are great. Those Ewoks look terrifying.
  9. I'm looking forwad to purchasing a new chest/back and shoulder ridges from Rob to replace my AM ones. Even in the initial questions/estimates/prices phase he has been very helpful and seems to have responded as fast as he was able. Seems like an awesome dude.
  10. These are quite good. I don't have much (anything) to add though, I haven't looked that deep into this sorta thing.
  11. So I haven't trooped since last July due to being lazy and not fixing up my kit, basically. I tried it on just before...well..at least I tried on the lower body up to the ab plate. I have apparently put on quite a bit of weight since I last wore it and I can no longer fit into the armour. I don't want to shim anything because I have done too much work on the kit as it stands and any more work will simply make me lose interest. So the obvious solution is: lose some weight and stop being so unhealthy. I want to eventually achieve about 80-85kgs and then start pumping iron to build up muscle. Currently I am about 97kgs and most of it is in my stomach and thighs, which is exactly where the trouble is in my armour fitting. I'm not sure how I am going to go about losing the weight, as I don't like gyms (self-conscious, lack of motivation/commitment) and the roads around my place are pretty crappy for running. Probably just eating better and riding my bike again I guess.
  12. Wait...I'm confused, how does this work if only one side is glued?
  13. I just put neoprene foam around the ankle of my shins and they never move. Much simpler. Sure, it leaves small black marks on the top of my boots, but no-one ever sees that part.
  14. Symmetrical? Stormtrooper armour? Lawl, those two things just don't go together, that's why. Seriously though, no idea.
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