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  1. Sweet awesomeness my wrists are too huge because i had to trim the forearms back, This might make it better.
  2. Im an Illustrator, =D i would say that the reference is key. However my Favorite saying is "You're only as good as your worst piece" Meaning put everything into every piece and only sign that which is worthy of you signature. In the end the art that you put out should be the best of your ability. In terms of reference there is no better than you holding a camera. You get the angle, lighting and view you want correct the first time. Congrats on the job, its a tough market and im happy you got a great deal already. Alex
  3. dang someone beat me to it hahaha And with you
  4. OK ! so its not a party, I thought that maybe we could get together for Dinner after the show, and have a good time. !!! Jeni has been awesome and supportive and every year, MCCC falls on the weekend of her birthday !!! SO not that we have a slightly larger crows it would be nice to take her out and spend some time embarrassing her at a restaurant and making her feel as special as she really is !!!! So Come hang out and help me let my better half how awesome she is !!! Im setting up a FB invite for everyone, but i would love everyone here to come along and hang out !! let me know who can.... trying to get a number to make a res... Also where would you like to go...
  5. LMAO ! ok thats funny. and now even funnier. shes getting critiqued on her suit =P
  6. oh wow these are awesome. my GF would love em
  7. thanks Terry, it does a bit, however im trying to find an image better than the one i had that i already used hopefully in the same angle... Thats why it would be best to know someone that could let me take the pick, or take it and send...
  8. Cool, yeah i had that website bookmarked, but i couldnt get into their forums i didnt see any in the gallery..
  9. not so much, i know Jay Shimko has a cast of the face also.. i really need a full one for the image im making.
  10. Hey everyone, this year at Motorcity it should be my year. I did the back cover for the program and will have that print available. Also i am trying to finish another project. I need HELP !!! I need to know if anyone has a full size, Han Solo Frozen in carbonite, or large enough for me to see all detail that is ment to be there. i did a card set for topps. and now am working on making into a full size print. But i can find proper reference material for it. !! Can anyone help? let me know, all i would need is to invade for about 30 minutes while i take some pictures. that is all... I need to do it this week. ! so i can work on the painting through the weekend. Alex
  11. Not too long ago, (Jan ) was my birthday and a whole gang came out from the 501st to play some laser tag with me. We were talking about setting up another event. Jay S. i think was working on getting a local laser tag time where everone would troop and do it again. I hear its been done a few times and that its awesome, although impossible to see.
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