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  1. I live down the street from Scootch & have sevral of his kits or parts. I've never had a problem with any paint peeling or coming off. I lite sand all pieces then wash with dish soap. Primer about 3-4 coats with Walmart brand spray paint (.97 can) then use Walmart white spray paint (also .97 can) 3-4 coats & finish off with a wet sanding. I prefer a dull/mate finish so I leave as is. But a coat of liquid car wax will make this armor shine better than any ABS. Big plus there's no 18mo wait time. Scooth has stuff on had at all times. If you need a replacement part he can ship that day or next. I had a guy who needed a TK. Scooth didn't have on hand but pulled an entire TK set that afternoon & was ready to ship out the next day.
  2. Wore them to a troop right after I finished them. Paint stayed on well. Only place it came off was where my knee aremor was rubbing the whole night. So just a minor touch up.
  3. Ended up using Angelus Acrylc Paint. Worked much better & didn't crack at all.
  4. I use the UnderArmor one. Same as the first link. They also make a HeatGear one, that is thinner. I live in So Caifornia & it gets over 100' here in the summer. It is very comfortable to wear & now hot at all.
  5. That suit would be fine. All your questions about hands & feet are covered by your gloves & boots. The issue I see is these are made as costumes & only meant to be worn a couple times before they start to rip & tear. $60 is alont of money for a suit you may only wear 4 or 5 times. Go toWalmart & get the Starter Brand (knock off Under Armor) It's only $12 a piece. Will deffinatly last a lot longer than this.
  6. Angelus Acrylic Paint is the way to go. Was able to apply 6 coats in two day. Paint is flexable & stays on the smooth leather boot. Cheaper than nu-life too. nu-life 12oz can, $12.99, Angelus 4oz bottle, $4.95. I used less than 1 bottle to paint 16" tall engineer boots.
  7. Extremely happy with the Angelus Acrylic Paint. Does not crack at all. Only problem I see is it would work best if boot was broken in first. The only place the paint seperated was where the leather pieces were sewn together. Being two seperate pieces of leather there is a gap. The paint made a "bridge" over these gaps & it tore in these places. This is acceptable casualties & requires very little repair if any. I kinda like the look of "battle damaged" I think this can be avoided if the boot is a lil broken in or with some time seperate at the joints & paint inside before the entire boot is painted. Sorta like when a house painter paints the edges first. I applied 6 coats of paint & 3 coats of top sealer. I used Angelus Acrylic White Paint & the 600 Angelus Acrylic Finsher. I purchased 4 of the 4oz bottles of paint & 2 bottles of finisher. For the entire boot project I used about 3/4 of 1 paint bottle. The finisher is a liquid & has to be applied with a rag (I used a piece of old TShirt). I used about 1/4 bottle on this project. It took 30min to paint one boot, painting in sections about 3"x3" before rediping my brush. I would reccomend keeping all your strokes in the same direction. On the 1st coat I painted both. Later on when it dried it gave a cross grain. For the remaining 5 coats I only used verticle strokes & luckily it covered this previous mistake. The top coat finisher was applied with the rag & only took about 3min to cover the entire boot. The company reccomended 2 coats of sealer. I chose 3 because on the 1st coat I did not put any on the sole. The sealer gives it a nice shine. My boots look almost "rubbery" I expect this to dull over time. I used the top coat sealer because it will prevent chipping, & peeling. Actually this will look great on a clean TK. You would probable avoid using if your going for the dirty TD look. All in all Angelus Acrylic Paint is highly reccomended & can be purchased directly from the distributor. They are located in Southern California(as am I), & I received my order the next day after placing it. They will answer all emails the same day & answer the phone when called. All staff were extremely helpfull & Linda(owner of company) was not to busy to call me back personally & help me with my problem. http://angelusdirect.com/collections/all I know this was a Biker Scout Boot project. But being about painting black boots white. You can follow my advice & paint your black jodpurs white without any worry.
  8. SUCCESS & EWOK APPROVED!!! http://youtu.be/cbYO5C1Z580
  9. Couldn't find any white leather, but had some black in my "props pile". Cut the dog bone & toe strips. Here they are with 1 coat of paint.
  10. Test fitting the dog bone & toe strip. Will give these guys an acetone bath later & comence to painting.
  11. I wrap mine in an old towel. Been doing that for years without any damage. But it is always the last thing in the tub. Torso on one side, legs on other. Makes a nice "fig 8". Blaster goes on the side with magazine facing the middle of the 8.
  12. 6th & final coat applied. Will apply the top coat sealer later this afternoon. Off to the fabric store to pick up some white leather for the dog bone.
  13. Here are the boots with 5 coats of Angelus. I think one more coat will do it & then I will add the top coat sealer.
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