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Member Status, 501st Status, Detachment Status

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If you are not in the 501st, you will be a "Member"


If you are in the 501st *BUT* do not have an active TK designation, you are a "501st Member"


If you are in the 501st *AND* have an active TK designation, you are a "Stormtrooper"


If you're status is incorrect, you must request a status change in the appropriate thread here:



The admin staff will periodically run bulk updates against the Legion database, so if your status changes automatically w/o you asking, this is probably why.


To be affected by bulk updates, it's critical that the email address you use for these boards is the same as the one in the Legion database.

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FYI we gave the data to the Legion web team who are still working on it.  They said it will be done before voting opens.

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1 hour ago, Penguin-Padawan said:

For some reason this still comes up for me: First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (Pending) Can this be corrected please?



1 hour ago, Rasagal said:

Same here :(



Looks like a lot of people don't read the newsletter, there was a section explaining Detachment Affiliation in Septembers issue ;) 

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58 minutes ago, Sly11 said:

Id add it again Glen, the PM's are still coming in regarding this.

Already in ;) 

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20 minutes ago, Last Trooper said:

Hi, seem to have a status of “First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (Retired)” despite having a cleared TK for 12 years now.  Can you please sort my access?


The most recent thread with information in regards to detachment affiliation is here

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