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declared aim : ANH Stunt tk centurion

Trime Mudor

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Bit hard to check for any gaps with your arms bent lol, but looks like it fits you.


You never forget the first time you trial fit your armor.


Looking forward to seeing this completed soon.



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Starting to look like a proper TK. 
Not sure if it is on your to do list, but that sharp point at the top of your left thigh likely should be trimmed or it will be digging into you when you walk. 

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11 hours ago, Trime Mudor said:

Making some progress. 

What do you think of the buttons guys ?


Also have a bit of an issue I think.

The thermal det...

When I line up with the brackets,  I have a huge gap to the top .


Buttons look great, when you paint don't go all the way to the bottom of the button

Note:  For Level 3 the paint does not extend to the bottom of the actual raised button.


  LSuei4K.jpg?1   JViLwBX.jpg?1


Top of the TD looks fine for placement, just make sure you can see the O detail once worn, you may want to straighten the trim line though.

 66W22Oe.jpg?1   ENBGgGW.jpg?1  eXtIssr.jpg?2



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Looking good, I would however bring up your biceps a little more as you can just see the tops and should be covered by the shoulder bells.


There's something a little wrong with your thighs, normally you only have one step, not on both thighs like you have



Comparision RS 





Also there is a big gap between the cod/abdomen and top of the thighs, you may want to try to reduce this gap, either pull up the thighs or try to bring the abdomen/cod down



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10 hours ago, Trime Mudor said:

The thighs however is a bigger problem. There is no way to bring em up more. 

so there is only one solution...

Order a new set of thighs:-(

Normally it is a case of adding larger cover strips to the rear, this would open up the thighs allowing them to come upwards. I would however wait until you have all the armor strapped and on to see what the thigh gap would be then.

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A little update here ! Since my " damaged " helmet is not acceptable for centurion I had a good reason to build another one  :-D.

in this case a absolutely beautiful kit from @ChrisThePropGuy

I can't recommend this one enough! 

Chris is a super nice guy and the kit is a amazing pull. You can see every lumps and bumps from the lineage molds ! When you are looking for a new helmet,  Chris is the way to go !

I spray this piece in ford diamond white and painted the rest by hand. I hope you like it. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! BQnFvE4.jpegw1VKVNk.jpegUVn3VjT.jpegz6yidNv.jpeg

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