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[00] TK-73692 (MaskedVengeance) Kitting-Up Not-A-Troop Troop Log


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By @revlimiter



Here by popular demand is MaskedVengeance's ever-illusive "Troop Log"



  1. 24 September 2022: Not-A-Troop Kit-Up in a Basement/Garage, ANH-S
  2. 15 January 2023: Not-A-Troop Kit-Up in a Basement/Garage Photoshoot, ANH-S


      Total: 2



      ANH-S: 2






01: Kit-Up in a Basement/Garage


The Lead-Up: On the night of September 23rd through 24th, 2022, I attended an overnight armor party in the dining room to continue armor assembly in preparation for my first Not-A-Troop Kit-Up the next morning. The night started off with some cover-strip bonding and every individual [armor] piece in attendance was excited to participate. The whole crew stuck together like glue. Clampers eventually got locked in with their duties and my ABS definitely got a workout. Participation waned a little as the hours stretched on, but strong energy from several dedicated members continued into the early morning. Until the incident.


A little after 5:00am a knife got pulled and all Mustafar was let loose. Blood was spilt. It looked like all hope was lost and that the Assembly of Armor would have to disband. But I, the fearless recruit, persevered, shedding all calls for medical attention. The weight of magnets were shed and I belted out/up.


The Kit-Up: At approximately noon, after moving to a friend's garage, my 501st buddy helped me suit up for the very first time, blood still dripping as evidenced on the floor beneath me. Shoulder bridges and drop boxes were absent. Arm strapping called in sick. Achilles Thigh Ammo pack was neither raised nor lowered. Belt dangled, snapless, by elastic bands. ANH holster required ESB mods. Rotation and spacing issues were prevalent in the formation. A substitute bucket was called up, sporting a minor league lazy brow, and an orange pauldron crashed the party(foul).


52543882597_3bb4663ebd_o.jpg    52544825460_9b2f786a56_o.jpg


But I had done it. I Not-A-Troop semi-Kitted-Up for the first time. (If it could even be called Kitting-Up with so many assembly atrocities). Mission accomplished, for the glory of the Empire. Hopefully I'd be able to Kit-Up again sometime in the future.






02: Kit-Up in a Basement/Garage Photoshoot


On January 15, 2023, fours months after my first Not-A-Troop Kit-Up event, and after three years of anticipated participation, I finally FULLY Kitted Up for the first time ever. During my previous Basement/Garage Kit-Up several components of were absent, but this time every piece was in attendance. After all, this Not-A-Troop Kit-Up was a photoshoot for the upcoming Basic, L2, and L3 productions. It was time to look my best.


@paradoxb3 was in attendance once more to provide dressing and image capture support, and after several hours of setup and shooting, we were all set. Fun ensued. Great conversation was had. Everybody in attendance loved the program.


52730317416_244f3e1c27_o.jpg    52730800398_b675b88b05_o.jpg


52631802502_01a43f8e9f_o.jpg     52631801427_8bc0ef0848_o.jpg     52632315971_0d7621a6a5_o.jpg


And thus my second ever Not-A-Troop Kit-Up came to an end. My next planned Kit-Up is scheduled for the week of April Fools...






By @Morgi


Yo @jsilvius

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6 minutes ago, jsilvius said:

I'm digging the photo setup. That's cool. Our GML & GWL would love if our members had something like that for photos.


Haha, just pulled down two of my plug-in ceiling shop lights and clamped one end to the rafters. It's really dark in our storage closet right now; I should put the light back. lol.

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