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TK 19600 Requesting ANH EIB Status (RS)

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Karl A. Coleman 5' 8" 165 LBS TK19600 Florida Garrison Squad 7

FISD Forum Name: Spectre001

Armor Maker: RS Propmasters 

Helmet Maker: RS Propmasters

Blaster Maker: RS Propmasters

Boot maker: RS Propmasters

Canvas belt supplier: RS Propmasters

Hand guard supplier: RS Propmasters

Holster maker: RS Propmasters

501st armor link: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=35597&costumeID=124



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Hi trooper you may want to retake some of those photos as they appear black and white, some details just can't be made out ie; coloring tube stripes and traps, rivets/snaps, holster straps and so on. The images are also very small and low resolution which makes it hard to see details. A good guide to taking/scaling photos:


Using a contrasting background is a good idea too ;) 


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Hi Karl, thank you for your EIB application.


As Glen mentioned, and in order to start your review.


could you please check the posted photos and re take those necessary ? Please refer to the the bellow linked  Photo Check list . Thank you


One of us will be with you as soon as possible sir.  :salute:




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Hello Karl!


That's a nice looking armor right there! :smiley-sw013:


Just some of my unprofessional thoughts and pointers on things that you could do and think of before taking the new photos (that the people in charge most likely would love to see ;))


1. The first really quick thing you can do is to scrape away some paint from the upper and lower part of the teeth with a tooth pick, making sure the paint doesn't leave the teeth area!


2. Making sure that your shoulder strap is above and not under the back plate (and don't forget the little white elastic band around it)


3. Maybe throw a dab of paint on the TD screws! RS Prop Masters (my kit included) are very conservative with painting these screws for some reason! 



4. You could easily stretch out the drop boxes to align with the outer edge of the plastic part of the belt, drag/stretch them down a quarter of an inch or something and maybe dab a little glue so that they stay in place! They (RS Prop Masters) almost always tighten these a little too much against the plastic belt!



What I did for my armor was to flip over the drop box and cut the same shape as the front (yellow line) but on the back (blue line), so that the back strap became a "mirrored" version of the front strap. This way you have more control over how long you can slide the strap out towards the end.

Once I was happy with where I had lined up the box to, I pulled down on the drop box a bit so that it came down a little bit and made a gap,

and then I super glued it to the back of the plastic part of the belt! :jc_doublethumbup:

This was the end result (just to close the circle):



5. You might have to do something with the sniper knee position, but I would wait with this until I had gotten the verdict from the DO's since it can be a somewhat bigger job!


To the left is your sniper knee and to the right was my sniper knee from RS!



I had to remove my sniper knee (didn't get a comment on it but saw the angle was too off), and did so by carefully cutting it away with an exacto knife. It took about 2 hours to just sit with lit candles in the couch and carefully cutting away from myself (almost had my fingers done for a few times near the end when I became impatient)



When gluing it back on, I had serious issues with what I was trying (which was to try and glue it starting with the edges first). When you glue it back on, just start by gluing the inside of the sniper knee here shown in the image below


...as it most likely doesnt have any glue on it from before, and there is a lot of nice surface here - and then move on to gluing the sides!


Also don't be afraid of a little gap (we've seen many gaps here in the movie)! 


6. You might want to just carefully remove the coils here on the gun, as they aren't really super accurate from what we see in the movie! Very easy and quick!



7. For L3 approval there is a possibility that you have to fill in your lower thigh ridge joins on the back of the thighs! Here you can see how it's done! Easy peasy with some Sugru!

Lower thigh ridge joins (front and rear) shall butt-up flush against each other. Any gaps must be backed with ABS or filled as not to be noticeable.



Anyways that is just some of the things I thought of, coming directly from my own experience of the things I have had to do!

I think your fitment is really great overall on this armor! The placement of your biceps are almost perfect in my eyes, the TD on the back has just the right angle, your thighs and shins are nicely aligned on the front! You should have this in no time!


Also - sidenote, I remember the panic I had when I first put my E11 in the holster, and when taking it out I got color everywhere on my belt and my helmet from touching the holster with my gloves! I just see it as my first battle damage! :laugh1:


TK 23592 out! :salute: 

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Looking great Karl, best of luck! As someone else who had the same issue with the RS sniper plate position, the directions Jonatan gave above are the way to go. The difficulty isn't too bad, it just takes a little patience. I soaked my knee plate in warm (not hot) salt water to help loosen up the glue that RS uses.

Keep up the good work!

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Hello Karl. Just to keep people updated;)...We have included a new "point" in the required information (application header). It is necessary to include a link to the 501st website showing the approved armor for which the EIB is being requested. (I have already included it:salute:).




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Excellent cropping on the full length images, Karl, but when you take the new photos we ask that you post them a bit larger. :duim:   The ones you posted are right around 140 x 600, but there are a lot of details we need to see.  Having a height of at least 1200 (or more) would help immensely and save us from having to ask for close-ups.  Many thanks!



zECtec2.jpg     lLj5CP4.jpg    

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On 9/30/2022 at 8:30 AM, Spectre001 said:

 I'm going to have to retake my pics because  i used a filter to get better color on my pics(the lighting in my house is not great lol).


Hi Karl!  Any updates on those new pics?  :popcorn:

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  • justjoseph63 changed the title to TK 19600 Requesting ANH EIB Status (RS)
  • 8 months later...

Due to the delay in any movement on this submission we are considering it inactive. If you would like to continue, please get in touch with any member of the D.O. staff. Thanks!

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