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Hey all,

I've recently been looking into the armor portion of getting into the 501st and I'm having trouble deciding if this is good enough.

Everything I've seen on and about this site looks legit and everything looks top quality, but I suppose my question is, would this be approved? Does it have to be built by me? Is this cheating or unfair? Do any of you have experience with this site/creator? 


Any help on this matter is appreciated and my main reason for wanting to get it from this creator is how legit it is, they use original molds, it's cheaper than getting it built anywhere is the US, and I don't have the time or means to make my own armor. 


Many thanks,





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Hi Jake and welcome to FISD.


In order to have a wider panorama of the different Armors  and take the best decision I would strongly recommend you to take a read to the following section:



Once you have read it, let us know all your additional questions, we are here to help.   :salute:


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Welcome to FISD Jake!


Without putting them on blast, you might research SDS suits and the issues required to get it approvable. Do some searches with the forum search function. It's much more work than other suits, even after you have a fully built one in hand.  You mention not having a lot of time... and that suit will require a lot of it.  Search for Shepperton. I know there's at least one current build by Oldracer.


And though I'm not 100% sure on this, I think it's very hard to get in the US as I don't think they ship directly here. You might need a middle man in another country to send it your way.


There's a number of makers who will do you up a kit to your measurements. Hit the thread Mario linked above and see what there is to see. Off the top of my head, I know AP and RS Propmasters do custom builds. However, like every suit, it will still require some work on your end for final fitment and approval.

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As already noted the SDS kits do need some work for basic approval, there are other kits out there which need less work ;) 


Here's a couple of threads with builds and modifications of the SDS


This also has some great info 

For all your other Stormtrooper needs and info check out this thread

Good luck with the research



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Hey Jacob,


Glen linked to my build of the SDS.

I basically ordered the suit as it was the first thing in my google search and was very naive.

It is expensive, but without having personally compared it to other manufacturers (except quick side by sides at various troops) I would say it is worth the money to me.

It is accurate in shape (as far as I can tell) and seems to be the proper off-white cream colour. There is a noticeable difference when I stand beside someone in a stark white TK armour.


SDS does come pre-assembled but is not approvable out of the box. You have to almost take apart all the pieces (not that hard), possibly trim a few, then reglue.

Depending on your skill level it is very easy to do and there really isn't that much that is required. I believe the only downside is the added cost and having to order some things like belt fabric pieces, rivets, screws, other hardware, etc. Other makers may include this stuff already?


In my opinion it is better than having to trim individual pieces out of plastic sheets. However, some other manufacturers sell all the pieces and all you have to do is glue them together. 


So basically, the choice is up to you. If I had to do this again, I probably would have gone for another manufacturer and start from scratch simply due to cost alone.


Let me know if you need anything.



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