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[52] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log (share OK)


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  • revlimiter changed the title to [51] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log (share OK)

3/4/22 - Destination Imagination State Trounament

TK Troop #51, 6th for 2023.


Six weeks since my last troop. Six LOOONNNNG weeks.



This was, I think, a STEM tournament at a school on the edge of the city. I honestly am not sure what the event was. We never found the main group or stage or competition or whatever and had no one to show us where to go.


We still had a good time and made kids smile.



Like early days back at the academy.



HUGE props to Jeff and his Kanan. I'd never seen him in this before and was blown away.



Gotta have a selfie with the boys.

(side note - I've gone for very light weathering on my ANH TK. It's very subtle, but I believe it adds a lot of realism to the kit.)



We did assist in some of the events. This cup tower was epic.



Until they ran out of cups and it was time for it to come down. MUAHAHA!


Un-photographed highlights included a game of jenga with a couple elementary kids. "Hey, come play with us Stormtrooper!" and that was it.  I was left behind by the garrison and was just a funny looking kid trying not to knock down a tower.  We nudged blocks, cheered, and only cheated very lightly. The tower finally tumbled down and I caught up with the group a while after.


Six weeks. I was shaky. Next troop is this weekend.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [52] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log (share OK)

3/10/23 - Star Wars ANH Navajo language screening
TK Troop #52, 7th for 2023.
CDZ-5435 - troop 18, 2nd for 2023
TI-50597 - troop 10, 2nd for 2022



This was a pretty good sized troop for a Friday night in early March. A screening of ANH in Navajo at the National Hispanic Cultural Center - not to be missed.



Another troop with my family in the books. I think they're getting a bit tired of my antics... but dang it, I love trooping.



Before the movie screening at 7, they had crafts, a tour of their museum, and food trucks. What's better than trooping? Trooping WITH FOOD! 

Hard to see, but the Leia Leveller got an upgrade on the scope. It had a puffball glued on most of the night. :laugh1:



The museum was a hit.



Think they had other paintings hanging? MAYBE...



This one just spoke to us.



This wasn't too bad either (what with my last name and all).



Tamale Man would have stolen my 5 cents weekly if it was a real book...



After museum, it was time to shred.



And then EAT!!! Food trucks nom nom nom!!!


(notice all the sitting troops?!?!? I'M SO PROUD!!)

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So much L4 going on.


Also the camera image distortion sure is making your AP detonator look like a 68mm! Panel isn’t an AM and the end caps aren’t MonCal (FAC), so unless you went out and found an Anovos or RS one I’m still gonna have one in the mail to you this week! Actually you’re getting it regardless; I gotta spread the 68mil religion. :peace: Final coat of 1238 enamel goes on tomorrow.

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2 hours ago, MaskedVengeance said:

Also the camera image distortion sure is making your AP detonator look like a 68mm!


It's just wide angle junk going on. That's my AP one. :laugh1:

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